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I've been seeing pictures from Hard Kinks popping up on Twitter for a while now; the men really caught my eye and the action looked pretty dirty, so I was happy I got assigned this review. This site is produced in Spain and bills itself as having Spain's leading kink, fetish and BDSM movies - Spanish men, even better. Now I'm really dying to get inside and tell you all about this one.

Most of the men on Hard Kinks are Spanish, but there are a few other European men on the site. Only three of the men - Rogan Richards, Martin Mazza, and Max Duran - were known performers to me, so most of the men seem to be amateurs or perhaps better-known to a European audience. The models are a variety of athletic guys, jock types, muscle hunks and daddies. There's a mix of hairy and smooth, clean shaven and bearded, and a lot of the men sporting tattoos, some are quite heavily inked. And some of these muscle men are sporting some pretty chiseled and beautiful bodies. Since they're from Spain, there's lots of uncut cocks.

The action here includes a wide variety of kink, fetish and BDSM play. What I liked about the action is that the site's owner goes to great lengths to give us creative scenarios and sets, so we're not constantly watching men getting nasty in the same dungeon or fucking over and over in the same sling. You'll find lots of scene and role play, bondage, dog training, foot play, humiliation, spitting, spanking, slapping, punching and kicking; piss play enthusiasts aren't left out here, and there's plenty of anal sex with cocks and all kinds of insertables.

One video I watched was 53 minutes long and featured a sub bound by his master and forced to squat and balance on a block. The master put a gas mask on the sub's head and made him breath his stinky armpit through the air hose. Throughout the rest of scene the sub was slapped, his nipples were roughed up with pinching, he had his head shaved with clippers, his butthole was teased with an electro butt plug and fucked with a long dildo, the sub was flogged; finally he was force fed dick and fucked with his master's cock and finally splattered with cum.

Another scene had two mad scientists who found themselves the victims when their captive turned on them and forced them to worship every inch of his rock-hard body while he explored their asses with a variety of things. Another hairy and beefy daddy tied up his boy toy and then manhandled him, throat fucked him and drilled his ass. And a fourth video had two guys doing some dog training outdoors with their puppy boy; they taught him how to worship sneakers and bare feet before they strung him up in a net suspended from a tree branch and spit roasted him.

Hard Kinks offers members 96 videos. They're in MP4 format and you can download them in three sizes: 1280x720, 854x480 and 640x360; they can also be streamed at 720x405. These are good to very good amateur productions with clear picture quality and good sound. Most of the videos run longer than thirty minutes and some are 40 to 50 minutes, which makes for good, long nasty play sessions. The videos downloaded at fairly decent speeds, but downloading more than one at a time slowed down the process. When streaming, the videos played smoothly. Each scene comes with a gallery of 20 screencaps that display at 660x379. These are very good quality for screen grabs. You can save them individually, but there are no zips or slideshows.

When Hard Kinks launched, updating was sporadic, but it's been a over year since the site really started updating; there have been 63 videos added in the last 14 months, which averages 1 new video per week, although it's impossible to say how regular those updates are since only the 4 most recent updates show when they were added. There are no download limits, and you can view or download as much of the content as you want during the 30-day membership.

I didn't have huge issues with the site, although I wish they'd include a clear update schedule because the men and sex are pretty hot. A couple of my other beefs are really just quibbles. The scenes have decent descriptions with category tags including dog training, feet or spanking, but those tags aren't linked, which would be a perfect way to find more scenes with dog training, for example. The billing page is in Spanish and the prices are in Euros, and while in some browsers you can translate the page with a button click, you'll have to check the rates with a currency converter. And there's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, but it's easy enough to untick.

My other beef is a bit of a tough one. Many of the videos don't have much in the way of verbal interaction between the men. I watched one daddy push around his sub, who looked confused as to what his master wanted him to do; a simple order would have rectified this. However, since the men are mostly Spanish speaking, perhaps the lack of any dirty talk is intentional since some viewers would complain about the lack of subtitles, and most of us probably don't want to read while watching a BDSM scene.

Overall, I was pretty pumped by my visit to Hard Kinks. There are so many sexy men here, many ripped muscle men and daddies that I'd willingly sub for. I was thrilled with the variety of action and the types of scenarios. I am a foot freak, so I loved the foot play, but by no means is this a foot fetish site, it's just one of many fetishes explored here. Spanish men and foreskin are two of my other favorite things, so I could get lost on Hard Kinks for a long while, and I'm talking figuratively here because the site is very well organized and easy to get around. Sexy, masculine Spanish men in nasty fetish play and rough sex - who could have for anything hotter?

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