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Hard BFs features amateur guys getting naked and stroking their cocks, possibly in the privacy of their own homes. Unlike many boyfriend sites, the models here are a mix of mature men from 35 to over 45, hairy guys (some lightly hairy, a couple quite furry), amateurs with a few extra pounds, well-built hunks and average guys. Some of the models have a tattoo or two, one or two have facial hair, and there's a guy with a shaved head. What you'll notice is that none of the men here have that "male model" look; you won't find porn stars here, just the kind of guy you might find on the street, living next door or working just about anywhere.

All the action here is solo, and some of it is pretty mouthwatering. If you like watching first timers or eager amateurs getting naked in front of the camera, chances are this will get your motor revving. Some of the men here are pretty shy in front of the camera, where others can't wait to show off their cocks and get them hard in front of the camera man - or their boyfriend. Are the pics and videos here taken by boyfriends? Maybe, maybe not. One of the pic sets are selfies shot in the mirror by the model, and others appear to be self-shot, or at least shot at home. Others are pretty nice looking pics and videos, and I'd guess that the models are either amateurs or porn wannabes who did a shoot for the studio that made the site.

Hard BFs offers 54 videos in the member area, and the dates on the upcoming updates show a new vid is scheduled every 4 days, although since the actual updates aren't dated, there's no way to confirm this. When I checked back about 2 months after I did this review, the site had the same number of videos, so it may be rotating out content when it adds new stuff.

All the videos are offered in MP4 format, and the downloadable versions are shown at 320x240. The good news is that the streaming vids, also in MP4 format, are sized in 3 larger sizes, the biggest filling my screen. The streaming vids lack sharpness when watched at the larger sizes, but honestly I didn't mind - bigger sometimes really is better. All the videos are DRM-free with decent sound for a consumer-quality camcorder.

The site also offers 78 picture sets, and while some seem to match the types of guys found in the videos, there are at least a few sets I've seen in other sites. Most of the pics are sized at 750x1000 or 800x1000, and range from amateur to good amateur quality. Expect guys stripping, showering, stroking their cocks and shooting their loads. While it's easy to download any pic individually, there are no downloadable zip files or slideshows.

Hard BFs members get access to 2 gay sites - Twink Beginners and Stud Footage. While neither of these sites update, they do add 153 additional downloadable videos for members. And for those so inclined, the network also offers a whopping 46 straight porn sites.

Let's talk about issues. First off is the pre-checked offer on the join page, that signs you up for another porn site trial membership if left checked. And that site isn't even a gay site. Next, the updates aren't dated, although the coming soon updates are, but the site hasn't grown since we first reviewed it 2 months ago. And last, the small size of the downloadable videos (320x240) might have been big enough for the average porn surfer 6 years ago, but these days that size is not only quite small - it's smaller than mobile videos on a lot of sites.

Hard BFs gets a mixed review. The men are hot amateurs - average guys including some mature men and hairy guys. This site isn't about the perfection of male models and high-end porn stars - it's about the kind of men you might see anywhere naked and getting off. There are 54 videos, 78 picture sets and the site claims to add a new video every 4 days but hasn't grown any larger. I was disappointed in the size of the videos; they are small videos, and enlarged to full screen, they lose sharpness and clarity. The streaming vids are bigger but not that much better as you go larger. Ultimately Hard BFs delivers the kind of men I like - regular amateur guys - and if the downloadable videos had been larger, I'd have been pretty enthusiastic about Hard BFs.

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