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The guys on Halfway House XXX are 18 to 25 years old, and while there are a couple of cuties, mostly they're a scruffy-looking lot, many with tattoos. They're bad boys with slim bodies, some with some nice definition, but others with none, and a few are downright skinny. Some of these guys are first-timers to porn, others you'll recognize like Trevor Spade, Sam Truitt and Trent Ferris.

Each scene has some kind of story line; for example, Kevin left the common room in a mess and now he's forced to clean it up and suck the cocks of the three guys giving him heck. In this scene we never see the three guys, just Kevin down on his knees give them head and taking their cum loads in his mouth. Another scene takes us through a guy's induction in the halfway house; one of the managers goes through the rules and conducts a strip search including a cavity inspection. Once the new resident has had his butt hole prodded and his dick stroked, one of the managers pulls out his own cock and the fun begins. While the parolee sucks one manager's rod the other fucks his ass.

Sometimes we see the house managers and sometimes we only catch glimpses of them or we only see their cocks because they're holding the camera while they're getting blown. I saw one manager who looked to be around the same age at the guys in the halfway house, another looked to be in his thirties and wore facial hair and a third was a little more of a daddy in his forties, hairy with a big honking cock. Sometimes the camera man is one of these perverted managers and gets in on the action and sometimes he just films.

And the action can get a little nasty. In one scene the house manager opens a closet where three parolees are bound and gagged, and he hauls one of them out to play and leaves the other two locked inside. Two other residents are caught making out in the television room and two house managers punish them by making the parolees suck their dicks. One of the guys has his hands tied and his mouth duct taped and the manager fucks his ass with a dildo.

Halfway House XXX isn't a typical membership site; instead there are 30 full-length scenes available for you to purchase. They cost anywhere from $7 to $13 each, and they run from 10 to 45 minutes. You can buy them one at a time or all of them at once. The videos are available in MP4 format and playback at 640x380. They're good amateur productions with decent lighting and sound, however many of these are also point-of-view productions (POV). That means the guy getting blown is holding the camera, so there's jostling of cameras and whatnot. And sometimes the lighting isn't optimal because it doesn't suit the story, like the manager who sneaks into a resident's bedroom at night.

Since this isn't a membership site, new videos are added when they're ready - there's no firm update schedule. I'm reviewing Halfway House XXX in October and there have been two new videos added this month, three in September, and four in August, so the site is active. Each episode has a details page where you can read a summary of the story and the action, but there are no preview clips.

Aside from the lack of previews, the only other thing I didn't like about the site is that there's no information about the video sizes or formats. We had to ask the site's producer, as the information isn't available anywhere on the site.

The guys and the scenarios on Halfway House XXX suit the theme very well. The house managers are douche bags and they use their positions of power - and the threat of more jail time - to get their dicks sucked and more. I also thought that the filming style and the fact that we don't always see these pervert managers added to the realism of the scenarios. If you like the theme and filming style, there are 30 scenes for you to enjoy one at a time or you can buy them in batches.

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