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GrowlBoys is a completely different kind of site, quite distinct than anything I have ever reviewed before. It's part porn site with typical videos and pictures, but each episode is also told in erotic story format, and accompanying the stories are comic book panels that give yet another way to enjoy the story. It's quite something and these stories are not just slapped together. It's produced by the original creator of Missionary Boys, but this producer has moved to a different network of adult sites, so GrowlBoys is not associated with his other work. There's a lot to cover here, so we better get logged in and start poking around.

According to the About page, the site is based on an ancient Roman writing called "The Book of Changes," which itself seems to be a GrowlBoys fictional creation. But essentially the story goes like this: "The Book of Changes was concerned above all with semen - the divine seed of the Thebans that serves as the catalyst for the marvelous transformations the book's bewildered human protagonists experience. After being surprised by beings the characters believe to be gods, they are pursued, inseminated and then begin to exhibit characteristics of creatures spanning kingdom Animalia." So in other words, guys are pursued by these Thebans, fucked and bred, then afterward, these lads begin turning into mythological creatures - satyrs, if you will - with horns or dog ears, or even a full dog face and snout.

The guys at GrowlBoys are mostly in their twenties and range from twinks to jocks with more filled out bodies. I recognized a couple of them from this producer's other project, but they aren't named nor are they terribly well known in Pornland, but you've likely seen them around. So you can expect clean-shaven guys with mostly smooth bodies that vary from slim to athletic physiques, and some are a little more defined than others. There are also a couple of older men on the site. I saw Bishop Angus and one other daddy in his early forties.

A bit more about the men. Since the story line is that the bred guys begin a physical transformation, some of the guys end up with horns or dog-like ears, and some go even further with full facial make-up so their faces resemble a dog or raccoon, but their bodies remain as they were. So think of these sessions as an enhanced bit of puppy play, but instead of wearing leather dog masks or puppy tail butt plugs, the effect is achieved with prosthetics and make-up. And I have to say, these creations are quite good.

GrowlBoys currently has four stories, each with a number of chapters. "Lost Boys" has two chapters, while "Stray," "Big Cat," and "Midsemester Night's Dream" each have three chapters. But it's hard to say how long each story will end up being. Each chapter is released as its own update and they are numbered, but there's no indication as to how many more chapters will be coming. So far, each story or video ends in a way that shows us there's more to come.

You'll find the current four stories on the members homepage, and you can expand each one there to show the available chapters, but you can also click the story titles to open a new detailed page with each story's chapters. Clicking into a chapter will take you to an additional page that allows you to choose "Pic & Downloads" where you'll see picture galleries or download the four sizes of video, or you can click "Reader View" that allows you to read the erotic story and view the comic book panels.

And these are real stories, not just a wordy description. For instance, the first chapter of "Stray" is 6,700 words long, which translates into about 14 pages in a Word document, and that's just the beginning. Alongside the story are comic-book style panels that flip as you read and scroll through the story. There's no download buttons to save either the story or the comic book panels, although I was able to select all of the story's text and copy and paste it into my word processor, and I was also able to right-click and save the graphics.

In the first chapter of "Midsemester Night's Dream," a geeky, bespectacled twink arrives at university and quickly catches the eye of an older blond college student. The senior jock fucks the younger student and while doing so, the senior's head sprouts horns. He's a satyr. Now the twink has received his seed and starts going through a transformation of his own. The next day, while brushing his teeth, the student looks up in the mirror to see that he's grown big, dog-like ears. He gets the urge to jack off and goes to his bed. His face continues to transform until his nose turns into a dog snout. He jerks off and cums all over himself.

The following day, he has sex with another blond guy, a little older than him perhaps, but still very much a twink. While getting his dick sucked, the bespectacled guy sprouts his ears again and he jacks off all over the other blond's body. In the preview for the next scene, rather than being turned off by the student's dog ears, the cum-soaked guy is turned on and wants to fuck him. Does that mean this other blond will begin a transformation as well? Time will tell, perhaps in the next chapter.

Each GrowlBoys video comes in four sizes in MP4 format that you can download in sizes ranging from 640x360 to 1920x1080, and they're good quality. Some of the videos are crisp with good picture quality, but others aren't, and these latter ones are more artistic in nature, so they're filmed outdoors with subtle lighting with various artistic filters; in other words, they're not meant to be crystal clear. There's no streaming video offered on the site, although if you click any of the download links, you might be able to play the movie, although a couple times I got a server error. The site doesn't seem to use a full-streaming server, so fast-forwarding wasn't easy for the largest vids. I'd recommend simply downloading the videos and watching them offline; it's easier and more enjoyable.

Each episode or chapter also has a gallery of "high resolution images" (around 24 for each) that display at 800x1200 or 1800x1013, depending on their orientation. You view them in thumbnail galleries in a viewer with forward and back controls, but there's no hands-free slideshow. You can download the pictures individually, but there's no zip download available. Each chapter also has those comic-book panels, and they come in various sizes; one I downloaded was 780x1165 and another was 1300x1932, and these are only available to save individually.

Now let's talk about updates. The site doesn't have a schedule listed and chapters aren't dated, so I have no idea how quickly they're being released, but I'll check back in a month or so and see what's going on. In the meantime, the stories called "Stray" added a chapter while I was doing this review.

Are there any other drawbacks? At the moment, this site is best viewed on a desktop. When I tried logging in on my phone I received a message that the mobile site would be ready soon. Honestly, I found the site's organization and navigation a little clunky. But after a few minutes, I got the hang of it, so it's not a deal breaker. Because there are multiple stories unfolding simultaneously that are each broken into individual chapters, and each of these contains videos, stories and cartoons, you'll need to poke around for a few minutes to figure out the lay of this site. I suppose there are advantages to running four stories concurrently, i.e. you're not stuck with any one story line that may not appeal to you, but it also could be a while before you reach the end of any one story.

GrowlBoys is a unique site that offers a creative concept and story lines as well as their presentation of the individual scenes. Rather than just getting a new video and picture set every time the site updates, you'll get a well-written erotic story along with comic book panels that appear and change as you scroll through the story. But don't worry if you're not a comic reader; you can simply click into the "Pics & Download" section and watch the videos. Personally, I like all of various options and this site deserves a thumbs-up for stretching its imagination and creating something completely new and different. Whether you're looking for something different or are interested in a unique version of puppy play and furry fetish, this site is worth checking out.

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