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Grooby Girls is the new name for Shemale Yum, which has been online since 1996 bringing us new transgender models, both amateurs and pros, from all around the world. Grooby is known for their expertise in MTF transsexual content. This site is probably the biggest collection of tgirls in one place on the net today. There are many ethnicities and nationalities in the line-up - you'll find Asian, Brazilian, American, British, European, and South American models, all with delicious cocks and boobs sized from perky to huge. You'll find fit, slim, and very feminine looking tbabes alongside transitioning amateur trannies, young twenty-somethings, and some petite tgirls, statuesque trannies, and slightly heavier models, and there are some more mature models, too. This is a large and varied collection that is sure to impress tranny lovers.

While most of the action is solos including toy play and lots of tgirls stroking their shemale cocks and blowing their loads, there's some hardcore, too. Most are duos featuring trannies trading blowjobs and getting fucked by studs who love chicks with dicks; there are also some shemale-on-shemale couples, but there's a handful of threesomes as well. Solos and hardcore sessions alike offer sexy trannies in lingerie, stripper-wear or totally naked who love stripping for the camera, playing with their dicks or getting fucked.

Grooby Girls is huge, offering 5,110 DRM-free videos as well as frequent updates - there were 27 new scenes added last month alone. A big change is that the videos are now only offered in MP4, which means that now all the videos have mobile compatible versions. The newer videos are available in four sizes - the smallest for older mobiles and the largest at full HD (1920x1080) at good amateur quality or better, and the very latest videos are also offered in 4k at 3840x2160. The oldest videos are amateur to average quality and are sized at 640x480 and one smaller size, both of which are mobile compatible. All the videos can be streamed, although you won't find the streaming videos available in full HD or 4k.

The site also offers a whopping 6,158 picture sets. The newest are good quality and large, sized at 1706x2560, the oldest small and amateur quality at around 331x499; there are many pics sized between the two sizes - some pics a couple years old are good quality and sized at 854x1280. Each picture set can be downloaded as a zip file or you can save individual photos if you prefer. There are no slideshows available, but you can navigate from pic to pic using the arrows on the left and right of each photo.

And speaking of the photos, the shoots here really capture a model's personality, the things that make them sexy, and there's plenty of closeups of faces, cocks, asses. and sometimes feet. Grooby Girls uses ten photographers, and each one has their own way of showing off the tgirls they photograph in a very good way.

Grooby Girls links to the Grooby blog and forum. Neither of these are actually in the member area of the site, but you still may want to take a look, chat with other tranny lovers and hang out. The BONUS CONTENT link actually leads to site news, and there are a few links to bonus sets there; that page also has a link on the upper left to MORE FREE SETS, where you'll find 20 videos with pic sets from other Grooby sites.

One other thing worth mentioning is the advanced search page. I found it not only very useful, as you can choose from things like body type, country or state the model is from, individual models by name and cock size, but below on the page you can free-form search or just search for types of content. In fact, the only way to find some of the standalone pic sets is to simply set the media type and select Photos, then browse to the older sets in the list.

There aren't many things to complain about here, although be aware that there is a pre-checked offer on the billing page. There are a few quirks like the BONUS CONTENT link leading to site news and the COMING SOON page actually showing previously added content. Navigation, though, has simplified a lot since the old days; it's a lot easier now to find what you're looking for. The oldest videos and photos aren't as large or high quality as the newer, however keep in mind that there is almost 20 years of content, so it's normal that the older content would be smaller and lower quality. And while a lot of the content inside this site is exclusive, there may be some semi-exclusive content, too, shared through the other Grooby sites.

There's one other thing I'd like to mention. In a sea of tranny porn sites, Grooby stands out, not only because they're one of the longest-running studios and sites of its type, but also because the photographers and the site owner and staff respect and really admire the models. It shows in everything they do and say, and in the level of comfort the models obviously feel in working with the photographers and for the site.

Grooby Girls is probably the largest shemale site around, and it's good to see that it's still updating frequently. There is a nice mix of porn stars, semi-pros, and amateurs here with a good variety of tgirls from all around the world from slim to voluptuous. There are 5,110 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, not to mention 6,158 picture sets, and the site updates almost every day. Older content is, naturally, lower quality, but generally it's still decent quality. As a collection, Grooby Girls is huge, it's got tons of variety and it's bursting with all kinds of sexy trannies from tgirls next door to full-on gorgeous tbabe models. And it's one of the few tranny sites that I truly consider a must-see.

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