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Grab Ass features gay-for-pay porn hunk Adam Bryant playing a macho and demanding boss at the office. He's not afraid of the human resources department or sexual harassment charges; he forces his employees to service his cock and even gets into full-on fuck sessions with them right there in the office, and usually three guys at a time. Bryant is a hot fucker so I wouldn't mind working for his company - how about you? Join me while I take a look at this new site.

Adam Bryant is a muscled stud in his twenties, and he appeared on the porn scene almost two years ago. He's on the short side, standing 5'7", and he's got a solid, muscular body. He's smooth and wears a sleeve of ink down one arm. He usually wears a skimpy mustache, chin scruff and a soul patch. He's got a seven inch cock and while he has bottomed elsewhere, he's all top on Grab Ass. He plays a loud, obnoxious boss in this office who enjoys taking liberties with his employees.

The rest of the performers on the site are a mix of some familiar faces like Lance Hart and Josh Peters, but mostly they're up-and-comers in the gay porn world. The guys are in their twenties with a variety of body types from slender to athletic and some sporting some nicely defined physiques.

Josh Peters is a tall, bearded ginger hunk in "First Day at Work". Adam finds him bent over a cabinet looking for a file. The boss bumps up behind Josh and eventually unzips his pants and pulls out the hunk's cock. He plays with it, all the while talking about the company and the job. It's weird but funny. When Adam finally leaves, Josh looks at the camera giving us a WTF look. Later Josh gets called into Adam's office where, after some more antics, Adam tells his employee to show him his oral skills.

"First Day at Work" is one of two duo scenes, the other is called "Keeping the Boss Happy". The rest of the videos are threeways where the boss fucks one or both employees. In "Lance's Big Birthday Surprise" the boss arranges for a male stripper to come to the office and give Lance a lap dance with the other employees watching, then Lance and the boss take off to the board and fuck the stripper. Office boss Adam Bryant figures in all of the videos, and they're all pretty humorous with Bryant being a first class jackass. In this birthday video he made the rest of the office guys play pin the cock on the man, and there was even a game of whack the penis piñata - there was a large penis cake, too.

Grab Ass offers 12 exclusive videos in MP4 format. The downloadable vids come in four different sizes from 640x360 to 1920x1080; the smaller versions are compatible with most mobiles. The vids are good amateur quality with good lighting and sound and they're all filmed at the office. If you prefer streaming, you've got two sizes to choose from (640x360 and 856x480). You can stream the videos in an embedded player on the page or opt for the pop-up player that displays them at around 640x360, but either way you can also use the full-screen option and the videos hold up quite well.

Each video comes with a gallery of good quality screencaps that display at 1280x720. They are pretty good quality and you can browse through the thumbnail galleries and save the ones you want or you can download a zip file of the whole set. Unfortunately there's no hands-free slideshow option. There are around 800 pictures in each set, but there are a lot of similar poses so the site really could have pared these down and given us the best 100 or so.

The site launched recently, but we've had a few weeks to see about updates. It's the end of October, and there were two videos added this month, although there were four added in September. Six of the videos were added in July and August of 2016 before the site was open for business.

While the content is good stuff, here are a few issues here. First, there's a pre-checked offer for another site on the billing page, so be aware and opt out if you aren't interested. And if you do buy the trial, it'll cost you $10 more on the monthly membership once it renews. The good news is that the trial is a full membership. I saw two different trial memberships (a one- and two-day) advertised on the site, but there's only a one-day offer on the sign-up page.

The real big bummer here is there's a lot of advertising on the site. You'll also have to bypass a full-page ad when logging into member area, and there are lots of banners including a few disguised to look like content or bonus sites. They even have two animated banners beside the video player that are really distracting. I suggest watching the videos in the pop-up player or downloading them so you won't be bothered.

Grab Ass mixes a bit of silliness with gay office sex, and features muscle hunk Adam Bryant playing a loud-mouthed boss who likes getting touchy-feely with his employees and harassing them. And of course he likes to fuck them too. The 12 videos are long, good quality and there are mobile compatible versions available, but as the site just opened there aren't a lot of them. If you like a laugh with your suck and fuck action, Grab Ass is a fun site.

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