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Gnarly Katt is a beefy furball who has been on social media for quite a while, but as far as I can see, he hasn't filmed porn professionally. That's okay, because this horny guy loves making his own homemade videos and sharing them. He just joined JustForFans and started his own feed that you can follow using your Twitter account. This is new network and a new way for fans to see their favorites and others in homemade porn. So join me and we'll take a look at this one.

I could only find one other instance of Gnarly Katt on the web and that's on his Tumblr where he posts pictures of himself and other hairy, muscled guys that he finds attractive; he recently posted a workout routine he's followed called German Volume Training. He takes his body seriously, and he's in good shape with thick bulging shoulders and arms, but he doesn't look like one of those bodybuilders who seemingly rents a room at the gym. He appears to be in his twenties and he's very furry. He's got a heavy-hanging uncut cock dangling between his meaty thighs. And he's got a hot butt that he loves men to fuck.

Katt opened his JustForFans feed on February 20,2018 with a photo of himself wearing nothing but a t-shirt in a locker room with his thumb holding down his hard uncut cock. The caption reads "Welcome! As promised I will be providing great content for you guys thanks for your patience. XOXO". And he's lived up to his promise; he's made 44 posts for a total of 21 videos and 22 photos.

His latest video is a three-minute quickie of a bearded top fucking Katt on his back. The top screws him for nearly all of the three minutes, but at the end Katt pushes him off, stands at the edge of the bed and unloads his nuts on the floor with the top watching in amazement – it's a big load. His second video is 46 seconds and it's a POV (point of view) shot on Katt on his knees with a man shooting a massive cum load all over his face. And the third video is a six-minute walk in the woods as Katt has his shorts pulled around his hips, showing off his ass and jerking his uncut dick as he strolls.

Gnarly Katt also strokes his dick at home in bed, he dildo fucks his own ass, he sucks more dick, pisses at a urinal, gets fucked in a public bathroom and strokes his cock in the driver's seat of his car. So there's lot of variety and exciting moments.

Altogether there are 21 videos on Gnarly Katt's JustForFans page. These are homemade videos, and the videos filmed in Katt's home are usually filmed with a camera and play at around 1228x690, but his out-and-about videos are filmed with his cell phone, often in portrait orientation so they play at 390x690. They're good amateur quality, but sometimes the lighting is a bit dim, and of course, there's jostling of the camera, especially when Katt is filming himself jacking off into a public restroom urinal, for example. But overall, the videos are enjoyable. You can't download any of them, the videos can only be streamed on the site.

There are 22 pictures on the site and they're pretty large. Most of them show of Gnarly Katt's body and cock, but nearly half of them are action pics showing him sucking dick or getting fucked or receiving a cum facial. As with the videos, you can't save any of the pictures. These all appear to be phone pics, but the quality is good and the cumshot pics are terribly horny.

The big downer of Gnarly Katt's JustForFan's feed is that he tells us next to nothing about himself. He simply says "Just a small town boy born and raised in south Detroit took a midnight train going anywhere". But I want to know more about this true porn amateur. How old is he? How big is his cock? Or how about his thighs? Where does he find his men? Who are they? And googling him didn't give me any more information. Aside from that, although Gnarly Katt started off with frequent updates, the feed hasn't been updated in eight days. I'm also disappointed that I can't save any pictures or videos, but that's the nature of networks like JustForFans - everything must be consumed on the site. And finally, most of the videos are fairly short - I wouldn't mind seeing some good long sessions of this horny stud.

Gnarly Katt is a muscular and hairy bottom who loves filming himself as he sucks big dicks, gets his ass fucked, and takes cum loads on his face. But he's a kinky fucker and films himself jerking off into a restroom urinal or walking around the woods with his dick hanging out. This is true amateur porn and it's exciting to watch. And this is really what JustForFans is all about: it brings us not only established porn stars but regular guys who want to share their sex lives with the world, making them porn stars in their own right.

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