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Gloryhole Boy features guys sucking unsuspecting men's cocks through gloryholes (what else?). The cocksuckers are found by the site's director or by the resident fag hag, who helps out, chats with the guys and helps them get comfortable before the action starts. Most are first-time gloryhole users who may have fantasized about giving an anonymous blowjob but haven't tried it before, and a couple consider themselves cock-sucking experts. And these guys give it their all - these are not reluctant blowjobs, and the suckers are obviously into getting face fucked as dicks from unseen guys plunder their hungry mouths. Sometimes the guys jerk off afterward, and in 1 video I watched the sucker also finger the anonymous guy's asshole.

The performers are amateurs with a taste for dick. They're primarily average-looking guys in their twenties or maybe early thirties, plus one daddy; there's a mix of white and black dudes, and a couple are possibly Latin. Body types range from average to fit, and these are the kind of men who might go unnoticed in a crowd; I find these are often the horniest guys, which is obviously a good thing. You won't find gorgeous male models or bodybuilder porn stars here, just average guys willing or eager to fulfill a fantasy to suck dick through a gloryhole.

Gloryhole Boy offers 15 videos. These can be streamed as full scenes in your choice of MP4, WMV and Flash formats, and are sized at about 980x652 at fairly good amateur quality. The sound is good and streaming is smooth, and if you want you can also stream each video in MP4 clips. For those who prefer to download the videos, you can save each scene in multiple clips in MP4 format; these are sized at 720x480 and are good amateur quality, but the vids aren't available to download as full scenes.

Each video comes with 2 sets of pics. First is a set of good amateur quality digital stills. These are sized at 960x1280, and while they're sometimes a little dark, overall I was happy with them as they show off the action and the guys pretty well. These pics can be viewed as a hands-free slideshow, and can be downloaded either individually or in a zip file. The other set of pics is a set of average quality screencaps sized at 720x480. While these don't look as good as the digital stills, they're a better way to preview the action in the videos. You can view them as a slideshow, and while they aren't available in zip files, you can download the pics you like individually.

The site has no update dates listed, and I suspect it doesn't add new content, but we'll check back. There are what the site refers to as "featured episodes," but they're the same episodes that are already listed only dated with dates 2 to 4 months in the future, so I'm not actually sure what those are.

Now let's talk extras. While there don't seem to be any gay extras, Gloryhole Boy members get access to 23 straight bonus sites and 1 tranny site. There's also some other things worth mentioning including the member shout-out section, with episodes that include shout outs to members as well as full porn episodes. There is also a DVD library and a streaming video collection. The network adds 3 videos every day, so those into straight porn will find this adds value and plenty of entertainment.

Beside the lack of update info, the site has a few things worth knowing about. There's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, which is easy enough to untick if you prefer not to receive emails. When I hit back from the sign-up page, I was hit with a single pop-up, but it was easy to close. And I was disappointed that while you could download each video as clips, the full scenes can only be streamed. Last, it would have been nice to have some gay bonuses.

While Gloryhole Boy isn't a big site, the guys are just the kind of regular guy types I like to see, and they seem to really love sucking dick. The videos aren't into plots, although some include short interviews; instead they focus on gloryhole blowjobs, which is what we're here to see. There are 15 videos that can be downloaded as clips or streamed as full scenes, and the MP4 versions are compatible with most mobiles that play MP4s. While we're not sure (yet) if or when this site updates, I like the Gloryhole Boy content a lot, and there's lots of straight bonus stuff for those so inclined.

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