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Almost every straight man pops a boner thinking about hopping into bed with two women at the same time, but the men on Girls Abuse Guys may be rethinking that fantasy. These women are in control - they gang up on one man, and they make sure these guys knows how it feels to get fucked. I first reviewed this site three years ago, and I quite like the CFNM (clothed female nude male) niche, so I'm looking forward to getting inside and seeing what's been happening here.

Girls Abuse Guys isn't about a particular type of man - it's about men being used, objectified, and humiliated by women, so the men come in all shapes and sizes, so to speak. They're in their twenties and thirties with a handful being a little older. Most of the guys are in decent shape - I only saw one heavier man - and some are more muscular or defined than others. But I didn't see any overly muscular hunks, either. The men are a mix of skinny, slender, average, and athletic body types with cocks ranging from small to large. And by the way, if the men are sometimes meagerly hung, the girls use that to insult them.

The videos are a mix of are American and Eastern European productions, and while the guys look similar, the Europeans have uncut cocks. Also worth mentioning is that the Euro productions feature English-speaking performers, and while the English is sometimes a little stilted, you're not going to have to read subtitles.

Most of the scenes feature two women abusing one man, although there are a fair number of three-on-one scenes, as well, but only a handful of one-on-one sessions. The site uses lots of typical fantasies horny men have running through their head like having sex with his nurse, doctor, real estate agent, financial adviser, teacher, best friend, housekeeper, girlfriend's sister, or his neighbor, to name but a few.

One man told his girlfriend in the middle of sex that he was bored and wanted to play with other women, so the next time they're having sex she ties him to the bed to spice things up and has two girlfriends join in. They slap the guy around, make him suck dildos ,and fuck him with strap-ons, all the while insulting him and giving him shit for insinuating that his girlfriend isn't enough. While one woman fucks him, another shoves her breast in his mouth, and the third jacks him off until he cums up and down his torso.

Most of the abuse includes verbal insults and humliation, slapping and ass play of one type or another. The girls wear strap-ons or use giant dildos or small vibrators on the guys. The men aren't always tied up; in fact, most aren't. And sometimes the women use belts or other things for the spanking, but they usually just use their hands. And in all of the videos I watched, the girls make the guys cum. I didn't see any scenes where the men fucked the women, but there were plenty were the men had breasts, butts and pussies pushed in their faces.

There are 84 videos inside Girls Abuse Guys that you can download in MP4 format at 820x460. The videos are full scenes, but you also have the option of downloading each video in three parts in MP4 format in the above size. They're good amateur quality productions with creative scenarios and good picture quality and sound. You can also stream the videos at 980x550 in a player with full-screen mode, and I didn't find they suffered much quality loss. The videos are compatible with most mobiles since most can support 820x460. Worth noting is the removal of WMVs since our last review.

Each episode also comes with two sets of pictures. The digital pictures display at 533x800 and the screencaps at 800x450. There are around 200 or more pictures in each type of gallery, and you can view them in thumbnail galleries, use the slideshow feature or download sets in zip files. I wasn't able to save pictures individually, although I was able to on my last visit.

One thing I liked about Girls Abuse Guys is they have a "Categories" section off the navigation bar that helps you find more videos in the same niche, so you can easily find scenes with crossdressing (five scenes have men forced to wear women's clothes), office or medical situations, bondage, women with big tits, face-sitting, and others.

Girl Abuse Guys is one site among six in the CFNM or related niche that share a network, and your membership gives access to them all, so you can watch more movies in Pure CFNM, Lady Voyeurs, Amateur CFNM, Hey Little Dicks, and a new site called CFNM Games that features party games like who can get the most guys to cum or who can suck off a guy fastest.

We last reviewed this site in October 2014 and at the time the site offered 93 videos; now there are only 84. Further to this puzzle is the fact that there are only 10 videos dated before October 2014, and since there should be 93 vids, I can only assume that the site is recycling content.

There are a few other issues as well. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will, if left checked, sign members up for a second site membership when they join Girls Abuse Guys, and it's not a CFNM site, either. The model index doesn't list the guys, only the women, and the model index, category list, and search results show results for the entire network; there's no way to get results for just this site.

Girls Abuse Guys features men being manhandled by women with lots of slapping, verbal insults and ass play. There are 84 videos including a handful of one-on-one scenes, but most feature two or three women working over one man. This isn't a hardcore BDSM site - it only features 10 bondage scenes - and it's not about cum deprivation either, so the guys all end up shooting their loads, sometimes at the hands of the women, sometimes by their own hand. The scenes were well produced and believable, and if you're into watching women humiliating men, I think Girls Abuse Guys is worth checking out. And don't forget, you'll get access to over 1,000 more CFNM and CFNM-related videos across five bonus sites.

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