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Gear Action puts the focus on college-aged guys fucking while wearing a variety of sports gear or uniforms. I found episodes featuring fantasy attire like fireman uniforms, leather and latex, hockey and rugby kits, and cops - even an episode with a guy in a wetsuit. Most of the action here is hardcore, featuring at least 2 guys, but there are some solo sessions, as well. We last reviewed the site about a year and a half ago, so let's log in and see what new at Gear Action.

The member area of Gear Action has all the episodes on the main page running down a column in the middle. The navigation links run across the top of the page, and to the left and right of the episodes are links to bonus content, a couple banner ads and a link to chat with some free time that requires you give up your credit card number.

There are currently 65 videos and 55 photo sets, and though there are no dates on the content, the site has added 10 videos in the last 13 and a half months. Since all the updates are listed on this page, expect a fair bit of scrolling to see them all.

Each Gear Action video available in 2 formats - streaming Flash and either Quicktime or MP4, both of which are downloadable and DRM free. The Quicktime vids are shown at 480x360 at a bitrate of 921k. They're good amateur quality and play smoothly, although there was some loss of quality when I enlarged them. The Flash videos are shown at 480x340 and they look pretty good - no blurring or other issues.

Their playback wasn't quite as smooth as the Quicktime videos, but I find that Flash rarely is. The 13 most recent videos are offered in MP4 format rather than Quicktime, and most are shown at only 320x240 at around 875k. I was surprised - and a bit disappointed - to note that that the newest videos were smaller than the older ones.

Each video also comes with a good sized set of pics - and there are also 3 more pic sets, as well. The pics are amateur to good amateur quality and are shown at around 525x700 or a bit wider. They can be browsed in thumbnailed galleries and cover the action well, although I wish they were offered in downloadable zip files.

There are lots of mostly twink type guys inside Gear Action, always wearing some kind of uniform or outfit from sports kits to military uniforms. Most of the action is hardcore, but while the action is hot, I didn't get some of the pairings. For example, there's a recent update showing a twink in a U.S. army uniform being sucked by a guy in a football uniform, and in the newest episode they say there's a doctor and a cadet. But while the descriptions of the videos may add a theme, the videos themselves mostly get right down to the action.

Gear Action members get access to 4 bonus sites and one gay ezine. One of the bonus sites focuses on fantasies and fetishes while the others aren't as niched but do offer extra content for their members to enjoy.

I only have a couple issues with Gear Action. One is that since there's no dates in the member area, there's no way to know if the site updates infrequently or if it's stopped updating. I also wish they'd spread their episodes out so that instead of listing over 50 on one page, there were maybe 10 or 20 per page. It would make browsing a bit quicker and easier. Still, it's not a real problem. And last, as already mentioned, the newest videos are smaller than the older ones.

Gear Action features cute amateur guys - mostly between 18 and 25 - in sports gear, uniforms or fetish attire. The videos are offered in both downloadable Quicktime or MP4 and streaming Flash full scenes, and video quality is amateur quality or better. The site now offers 65 videos - 10 more than just over a year ago - but I don't know if the site updates monthly or has stopped updating. The site offers several bonus sites and an ezine, too. If you're into guys in gym clothes, medical or military uniforms, and fetishwear in gay sex and jerkoff action, why not check out Gear Action and see what you think?

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