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Gay War Games is all about brutal military fantasies. On the menu are bondage, humiliation, clips, restraints, stripping, spanking, flogging, hot wax, slings, ropes, cages, duct tape, blindfolds and very harsh treatment. Many butts end up very red, and all manner of objects are inserted into the guys' tight little holes. As far as actual sex goes, it's all about very intense forced fucking and cock-sucking. The site offers some barebacking. Note that some updates emphasise BDSM and feature little or no actual sex, and the uniforms, military vehicles and locations together provide a pretty realistic look.

Models playing the captive roles are mainly twinks or guys in their early twenties, although claimed ages go up to 29. Body types are generally slim or athletic. Each performer appears as a captive once only, but may reappear in other stories as a top. The soldiers are fit guys in their 20s and make repeat appearances in various stories. Many of the players are familiar faces from Czech gay porn productions e.g. Alex Stevens, Jirka Gregor and Lucky Taylor. Frequently featured as a soldier is Ivan Rueda, a Spanish performer who must be in Tchukistan as a mercenary.

When we last visited Gay War Games 17 months ago, the marauding soldiers of the imaginary war-torn nation of Tchukistan were spending very little time fighting. They were more interested in capturing, abusing and fucking the cutest local guys they could find - and who could blame them. A video news clip provides highlights of what's been happening, and there are pics and detailed descriptions of all the others. The linked blog has several more video previews. Are those degenerate fighters still up to their old tricks? Have they learned any new ones? Let's find out.

The site now offers 77 "stories", which are what they call the full scenes. Each of the recent stories is broken into four parts, and one of these parts is offered as an update three to four times per month. That means the site adds a full scene about every four to five weeks, but good news is that the recent updates are as long as many sites' full scenes, so the only catch now is that members have to wait for each story to conclude.

Each video is DRM-free, and is available for download in WMV and MP4 format. The WMVs and older MP4s are sized at 1280x720, while the newer MP4s are sized at 640x480, a good size for newer mobile devices, and all but the oldest episodes are also available as streaming Flash. The oldest videos are available only as 640x480 WMVs. Overall video quality is generally fairly good, but the older MP4s and some of the newer WMVs are offered at a lower bitrate that lowers the quality. Most episodes are between 10 and 20 minutes. These are not self-contained, but are more like chapters, and can end very abruptly, leaving members to wait for the next update to see how the previous update continues. Production standards are surprisingly good.

Each update comes with a set of pictures varying in number for 30 to 120. Sets are generally a mix of good quality digital stills at 1000x1500 and fairly good quality screen caps at 800x533. Oddly there is no online viewing at all; you must download each photo set in a zip file. However you can get a good idea of what to expect by checking out the images displayed for each episode on a story's page.

One definite improvement to Gay War Games is that the parts from each episode are now being added as consecutive updates, where they used to be interspersed with episodes from other stories. I'm glad to see this change, as it means all updates from each video are added more quickly, which helps keep the momentum going.

The extras aren't working any longer. The site used to have a forum, but that wasn't working when I visited this time. The blog is also no longer functional as the videos are all missing, and there's no additional info about each of the updates that used to be listed there. One other issue here is that all the videos have the same name - like 1.mp4 - so if you save multiple videos, you'll have to rename them or you'll overwrite the previous videos you saved.

Gay War Games delivers exclusive military-themed BDSM and forced gay sex content where soldiers in a war-torn country capture, torment and sexually abuse any cute civilian they come across. The videos are offered as DRM-free downloads (the MP4s should play on most newer mobiles) and Flash streams, and each episode comes with a detailed description. The pics are large and very good quality. The site has now grown to a collection of 77 full scenes broken into over 220 updates, with a new update added three to four times a month, but it takes several updates to add up to a full scene. For those looking for forced sex, bondage and abuse in a military/war-themed scenario, Gay War Games definitely delivers the goods.

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