Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Gay War Games features brutal and very realistic military fantasies. The scenes are set in a fictitious Eastern European country called Tchukistan where marauding soldiers take out their sexual frustrations on mostly helpless civilians but sometimes on other soldiers. The site goes to great lengths to provide authentic uniforms and believable settings not to mention very real manhandling of their captives. We haven't visited this site for nearly three years, so let's take a look at what these bad asses have been up to.

Models playing the captive roles are mainly twinks or guys in their early twenties, although the profiles show ages go up to 29. Body types are generally slim or athletic. Each performer appears as a captive once only, but may reappear in other stories as a top. The soldiers are fit guys in their 20s; some are quite muscular and they often make repeat appearances in various stories. Zack Hood (aka Tomm Black) and Max Born play dominant soldiers in a number of the most recent scenes, and I see Nikol Monak and Boda Gold playing their captives. There are other familiar faces, but Eastern European performers go by many aliases, so naming them isn't always easy.

So what do these soldiers get up to? In the latest scene, a muscular soldier finds a homeless guy sleeping in his backyard, and he drags him inside to clean him up in the shower. Then he ties the guy's hands to the stairway banister and force feeds him dick, then fucks him. In another scene a soldier stumbles across a guy fixing his car on the side of the road. The soldier drags the lad into an abandoned building, ties him up and throat fucks him before plunging his big dick into the guy's ass. And still another soldier finds a gay couple walking through the forest and jumps them; one of the guys escapes but the other ends up tied to a tree.

Expect bondage with ropes and duct tape as well as other types of restraints. There's also lots of humiliation including dirty talk, insults, and plenty of rough handling before the guys are forced to their knees and their real torment begins. One warning here: These scenes are not politically correct, so you'll see some soldiers writing "faggot" or "I'm gay" on their captives with markers and making fun of them by calling them pussy boys and homos as they force them to service their dicks.

The victims are pushed around and roughed up by the soldiers - many butts end up very red from repeated slapping and all manner of objects are inserted into the tight little holes. The guys are usually fucked with raw cocks, but early scenes may use condoms. Sometimes the captives are forced to lick boots or suck dildos and many have to gobble up cum before they're finally released, others are just left naked and covered in jizz wherever they were fucked.

The site has 78 updates, and each is a part of a longer story (which is a full scene), each broken into four parts, so that works out to be around 20 full stories. When we last reviewed the site in April 2015 there were 77 stories, so some of the videos seemed to have gone AWOL, but more about that in a bit. Each of a story's four parts is offered as a separate update - the site usually updates once a week - but the site also runs two or three stories concurrently, so it can take a while for them to finish adding a whole series.

Each video is available for download in WMV and MP4 format. The WMVs are sized at 1280x720 while the MP4s play at 640x480, a good size for older mobile devices. The quality is fairly good with a mix of indoor and outdoor scenes. You can stream the videos in Flash and these play at 560x304. Most updates are between 10 and 20 minutes. These are not self-contained; each is more like a chapter, and can end very abruptly, leaving members to wait for the next update to see what happens. Production standards are surprisingly good.

Now let's talk about pictures, I downloaded five zipped sets from various newer and older updates, and each had 12 pictures that are either good quality digital stills or fairly good screencaps displaying at 1000x1500. Oddly there is no online viewing at all; you must download each photo set in a zip file. However you can get a good idea of what to expect by checking out the 12 preview images displayed for each episode.

Whether or not Gay War Games is adding new productions or recycling old content is difficult to discern. The episodes are dated with current dates and they appear to be adding a fresh scene every week with the exception of a skipped update at the beginning of Janary 2018. However while our last review of the site was in April 2015, the site's oldest scene is dated April 2016; that means that they are either recycling older scenes or removing them from the site altogether. However two performers named Nikol Monak and Boda Gold debuted in Pornland in December 2017 and August 2016 respectively, and each of them debuted on Gay War Games in the late fall of 2017, which makes sense in their career time lines.

As mentioned, at the time of our last review, the site listed 77 full scenes broken into around 308 updates, but now there are only around 20 full movies or stories broken into 78 parts, so the numbers aren't jiving. What's important is that there's enough here to keep you entertained for the length of your membership.

The site still shows a blog and member forum on the navbar but neither is working. Another issue here is that all the videos have the same name - like 1.mp4 - so if you save multiple videos, you'll have to rename them or you'll overwrite the previous videos you saved. Another potential issue is that the men speak Czech and there are no subtitles, but it's not hard to follow along as these captives are humiliated and used. Finally, the videos appear on one very long page, which makes for lots of scrolling and isn't a convenient to find all of the scenes from the same story.

Gay War Games delivers exclusive military-themed BDSM and forced gay sex content where soldiers in a war-torn country capture, torment and sexually abuse any male civilian they want with no worry about consequences. The videos are offered as DRM-free downloads (the MP4s should play on most mobiles) and Flash streams. The pics are large and good quality. The site appears to be adding a new scene every week, but these may be new or recycled updates - we're not sure. For those looking for forced sex, bondage and abuse in a military-themed scenarios, Gay War Games definitely delivers the goods.

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