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Gay Tube Channels features a variety of horny guys in a mix of solo stroking and hardcore action. The performers are a mix of amateur first-timers, porn regulars, and toons, and they range in age from 18 through their fifties. There are cute, slender and smooth twinks often mixed in with more athletic jock types; you'll find regular guys, middle-aged white men, well-built hunks, horny college-age guys and a few mature daddies over 50. I also found a few guys with a few extra pounds around their middles. You'll find some Latinos, black studs and European guys, which means there will be some uncut cocks, and the toons are a mix of anime, western and computer-generated art including plenty of well-hung muscle hunks.

Some scenes feature men jerking off solo while others include group sex, blowjobs, anal sex, rimming, and kissing plus there are a few scenes where dildos or butt plugs are shoved into hungry assholes. You're going to find some hentai, too, which appeals to anyone who enjoys animated guys in action. Many scenes are filmed indoors and feature couch, bed, kitchen, or bathroom locations, however there are outdoor episodes that show men getting off in forests, tropical locations, and backyards. Most scenes finish with a full-on spewing of hot cum, typically over the performer's chests or abs.

Gay Tube Channels now offers 892 videos, and the site continues to add an update every two days. All the videos are offered in DRM-free MP4 format, but size and quality are inconsistent, probably due to the sources of the vids. Some videos (205, to be exact) are offered in HD and sized at 1280x720 (a few at 1920x1080) plus a smaller version for mobiles, while others play at a single size of 768x576 or 640x480, which should play on mobiles and desktops alike. The videos are downloadable full scenes, and they can also be streamed, although the player is larger than the non-HD videos. Quality ranges from average (mostly the smaller videos) to good amateur (mostly the HD vids).

There are also 1,992 picture sets, and these are a mix of photographs and toon art. The photos are good amateur quality digital stills sized at between 600x800 for the older pics to a nice and large 1660x2500 for the older pics. The toon pics are sized all over the map; I found some at 478x600, 1000x1000, and 972x1250, and there were other sizes as well. These are pretty good quality, although a few had their cocks semi-censored by mosaics. Picture sets can be enjoyed as galleries, hands-free slideshows, or downloaded in zip files.

The Movie Theater section is where you'll find 1,216 streaming bonus videos. These aren't the newest videos out there, but there's a lot to watch, and unlike the site's own videos, these can be searched by a wide variety of categories. I don't think they are updating the bonus videos - there are only 15 more than there were a year and a half ago - but there's enough to help keep members busy.

Now let's talk about some issues. First is a tiny, difficult-to-spot pre-checked offer on the billing page that says " Please upgrade me to a VIP Membership+." If this is left checked, it will sign you up for two additional recurring site memberships when you join Gay Tube Channels. Trial members can only view 10 picture sets and stream a single movie, and on top of that, trial memberships recur at $10 more per month than the regular recurring membership. On our last visit, the site offered a collection of gay feeds, and they still promise these bonus "sites" on the tour, but there is no longer a link to bonuses in the members area. And when you join, you automatically give the site owners permission to email you.

Then there are the site's claims. First off, this isn't a tube site - it's a regular membership site that you pay to join. They offer HD and "HD Quality" videos all over the tour, but less than a quarter of the videos here are HD, and I wouldn't consider most of the videos to be high quality. The tour also offers thousands of videos, but that's only true if you count the bonuses, and they're not downloadable. The quality of the thumbs and animations on tour are higher quality than a lot of what you'll find inside the site. And there's a pop-up that appears at times over the tour and another when exiting the join page. It's also worth mentioning that the videos here are from DVDs that aren't all that recent; one of the most recently added videos is from "Gloryholes of New York," which was a DVD released in 2002.

Results are poor using the search box - for example, I searched for "uncut" and got one result, while I saw many videos featuring guys with uncut cocks as I browsed the site. While there is a category list, I found daddy videos not listed in the mature category and other videos that didn't show in their respective categories as well. And even though there are lots of Latino videos, there's no Latin category.

There's tons of advertising in the members area, too. At the bottom of the pages are two rows of large thumbs that are ads for a hookup site, and below them are three thumbs showing nude women and straight sex that are also ads. On the lower right side are several ads for a straight hookup site, and the green BONUS FEATURES tab on the upper right is also an ad for straight hookups. The HOT SITES tab near the top lists both gay and straight ads.

Gay Tube Channels does pretty well when it comes to variety, offering 892 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles in categories including outdoor, big cocks, twinks, solo, office, voyeur, beach, interracial and the list goes on. There are plenty of toons - both hentai and realistic computer generated men including hot, hung bodybuilders. The site offers 1,992 picture sets as well, also in a wide variety of niches and often better quality than a lot of the videos. You won't find scene descriptions or model info, and some of the videos are average quality, but if you keep in mind the caveats, there is enough porn and enough updates at Gay Tube Channels to keep you pretty busy.

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