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Gay Sox is a site produced in Germany that features guys in their twenties exploring their fetish for socks as well as bare feet and sneakers. The guys here are a variety of types, but they all appear to range from 18 to about 25 years of age. Some of the performers are closer to twinks with slender and smooth bodies; many are just regular guys in their early twenties with athletic bodies who don't fit into a particular category, and I often call these guys twunks; there are some jocks and I saw a few skinheads as well.

Most of the action involves a foot worshiper playing with a buddy's socked feet. He sniffs them, rubs them against his face or head, kisses them or sometimes licks them and puts them in his mouth. One scene had three guys playing a little rough and pushing their worshiper's head to the floor with their socked feet to make him snort their sneakers. Another video has a guy sit back while his friend pulls off his sneakers and smells them, then he rubs those socked feet against his face and massages them with his hands, and finally he pulls the socks off and licks his buddy's toes. Not all of the scenes show bare feet, but a few do. Most of the action happens in duos, but there are a couple threeways and several foursomes. And finally, there's no nudity here except for bare feet and chests.

There are 175 video clips at Gay Sox, and they're offered as downloadable WMVs that play at a small 320x240. They're amateur to fairly good amateur quality at their original size, but I'm afraid they don't fare well in full-screen mode. Unfortunately these aren't full scenes; in fact, each video is a one-minute clip from a longer scene. One video has 15 parts, another has 16, but the rest of the videos were jumbled out of order on the homepage and didn't keep the clips from full scenes together, so I could tell how many clips each had.

There are 56 picture sets of digital stills displaying at rather small 400x400. Most galleries have between 50 to 100 pictures, but some had less than 50 and a few had 150 or as many as 265. The pictures are decent quality, and you can view them in thumbnail galleries or save them individually, but there are no slideshows or zip files. There are also 60 things called MegaPix which are simple large collages of 12 or more pictures stacked in rows - think of those old photo booth four-picture strips, then put four of them side by side.

Aside from the small videos and pictures, there's a lot more bad news with Gay Sox. The tour claims memberships cost as low as $4.95, but the lowest-priced option on the join page is $9.95. The site also claims to have 750 videos clips, but I could only find 175. It says there are 6,000 HQ photos, and I'm assuming the HQ stands for "high quality," but I wouldn't exactly call a 400x400 picture "high quality." Inside the members area the "home" button takes you back outside to the tour. And as I mentioned earlier, the videos are broken into one-minute clips and there's no full scenes available. Finally, none of the videos are dated, so I can't confirm any kind of an update schedule, but I think given the small size of the videos and the fact that they're only offered in clips that this site is not updating.

One last thing worth mentioning is that the tour consists of two rows of fairly small thumbs running across the top of the pages, and that's the only pics of the guys doing sock and foot play or showing off their feet on the entire tour. All the tour shows is exaggerated content counts and - oddly - lets you play a game of Mahjong where the squares are tiny foot pics from the site.

Gay Sox offers a hot little niche with guys playing with mostly socked feet, as well as some sneaker and bare foot play, but unfortunately this site has too much going against it. It's too bad because the guys are pretty cute and I did enjoy seeing these German lads playing with their friends' feet. While the 175 videos are downloadable, each is only a one-minute clips shown at a tiny size, and updates are unlikely, so I can't really recommend this site - there are far better foot fetish sites out there.

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