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Gay Solos is a jackoff site with a twist, and the twist is High Definition videos. For those who aren't familiar with HD videos, they are huge and great quality - I love HD movies! The sample video here tells the story. If you watch it, be sure and go full screen and you'll feel the way I do. The cock closeups shows those dicks truly full sized as the amateur models jerk and stroke their hard rods for the camera and I can't wait to see the cumshots, so let's log in and take a closer look at Gay Solos!

It's been a while since we last visited Gay Solos, and there are some minor changes in the site look. On the main member page you'll find the menu on the left side of the page. Beside a link to Home, it also includes Latest Updates, HD Videos, Hi-Res Photos, Bonus Content and last is a sex toys for sale site link . Next is the latest update including a big sample pic and links to the videos. And here's where we run into the first and most important issue - this site hasn't updated in over a year.

There are currently 24 videos which are actually 12 guys, each movie shown in 2 parts. That is the same number of videos as there were over 2 years ago. Still, there's nothing I love more than seeing really big videos and the HD versions of each of these is very nice quality. The HD movies are actually 1280x720 (wow!) and stream at around 2 Mbps. While the vids are constrained to a somewhat smaller size in the player on the page, all you have to do is go full screen using the handy link under every video player. While the videos look quite good, in the last two years more HD sites have come out, many with higher bitrates and qualities so while this is still nice stuff, it's not the mindblowing content it was when we first reviewed the site. Btw, for those who aren't on a fast broadband connection, Gay Solos also offers standard size videos so you won't miss out.

Something to keep in mind if you decide to watch the HD versions of the videos - and I recommend you do. Quality like this means bigger file sizes which means longer download times. If you're on standard DSL or cable, you may occasionally notice the video stopping to sort of catch up. If you want to avoid this, either download the video to your harddrive or let it fully load in the player before you watch it. If you do, you'll find these movies play very smoothly.

The Gay Solos videos start off with an interview of each of the guys and let me tell you, the interviewer (who is also the camera man) sounds hot! He's got a warm, rich voice and sounds friendly even when asking some very sexual questions. Unfortunately we can't see the interviewer, no matter how much we might like to, but we can see the guys he talks with. It seems that Gay Solos folks run an ad for male talent to go into porn, and so the horny guys here are mostly amateur but willing and eager to go pro.

Beside the videos, members also get access to good quality pics in the galleries section. They are shown at a screen size of 688x1029, which is bigger than most pics I see around. Each gallery opens in a new window and contains over 100 pics including stripping, showing off and masturbation. In some of the galleries, the pics don't seem to be quite in order and you may find an occasional dressed pic in the middle of pics of the model jacking off.

If you're looking for more HD videos, members of Gay Solos also get access to another site in the same network. This one is called Gay Resort and is also new. There are 2 more gay bonus reality sites and 20 feeds, although most of the content is not HD.

For those who are looking for huge and high quality jackoff videos, Gay Solos delivers the goods. The HD videos look very good at full screen and there are standard sized videos for people on slower broadband connections although there is nothing in this site for dialup users. There are also exclusive pics of the guys getting naked and stroking their cocks, but there are two big downsides - one, the site is small and two, the site does not update. To help with that issue, members get access to the other nw HD site in the network as well as a selection of gay bonus feeds. If you're looking for a huge site full of videos, this may not be the site for you but if you're looking for true HD movies that can be downloaded and played again and again, Gay Solos is definitely worth checking out.

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