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Gay Solo Movies takes on a subject matter that I can never get enough of - masturbation. It makes the world go round, and judging from the tour there are plenty of guys spilling their loads all over their couches, beds, and hands to keep me happy for awhile. Let's wander on inside and see what we find.

The member's area is pretty simple, with navigation along the top and left. There are some updates listed that say they're "today's updates", but there are no dates I could find inside the site. It's pretty amateur in looks, but as long as it's usable I don't mind that too much. There are really only two options to go to that are important right now anyway - Videos and Pictures.

The middle has a section for Today's Newest Updates, Coming Soon, and Popular Links. I started off in the photos section, which greeted me with 753 photo sets. They are non exclusive and there's one big problem - they aren't all solo. When I go into a site expecting non stop wanking and see two guys going at it, I end up a bit dazed and confused. The quality is average at best with 800x600 photos, and it seems like it is half and half with hardcore and masturbation sets. The amount of photos per set varies widely, with some having 40 photos and others having less than 15. I tried a few galleries that, when clicked, took me to a blank page. One other thing about the pic sets is that somewhere in the middle are a bunch of pic sets showing penis exercises. These are mostly somewhat blurry vidcaps, but I must admit that they ARE solo.

The video section is just like the photo section - there are solo videos, but there are also hardcore and groupsex vids - in fact, all kinds of gay movies, and no focus on masturbation at all. This was definitely not what I was expecting going into a site named Gay Solo Movies. In fact, out of the first page of videos only 1 is solo...all of the rest are hardcore. Now that's what I call an interesting interpretation of what a solo video should be...

The videos are non exclusive and many are below average quality, whch was a bit disappointing. The videos sound good in theory at 720x544, but once you start watching them you start to wonder who would make videos like that in this day and age. There are no full scene downloads, which isn't bad on the newer stuff with their 5 minute clips, but it's a total pain on the older videos which have 10 second clips. Yes, 10 seconds. Going on to the extras, I have to say that there really aren't many - you have some erotica and then a bonus dvd feed that didn't work while I visited the site.

Gay Solo Movies doesn't deliver on their promises. True, the site does have lots of content, but the vast majority of the videos and pics aren't solo, and what's more, there's no way to sort the videos. If you wanted to see guys jacking off, you'll have to wade through a lot of other types of action. And at that, the video quality is only so-so. Sure there's a lot of it, but just because you have a ton of something doesn't mean it's what you're looking for. If you're looking for solo male masturation, this isn't the place to find it, and if you go to the site, don't expect the member area to deliver what you see on the tour.

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