Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Gay Snare has a tricked straight guy theme. In this site, women find guys on the street and invite them to come home with them. Sometimes they get the guys horny and blindfold them - then the girls' boyfriends take over. In other episodes, a woman hits on a guy on the street, and when he tells her that he's gay, she plays matchmaker and takes him home to play with her gay male friend.

The guys here are European, probably Czech, and they range from your average dude to good looking and well built. Most of the men are in their twenties or thirties, some lean and athletic, some hunky and there are a couple twinky guys, as well. Not surprisingly, since they're European, most of the guys have uncut cocks. And while the videos start off on the streets, once things get going between the two men, there's plenty of dick stroking, sucking and fucking.

Gay Snare offers 13 exclusive episodes, four more than there were when we frst reviewed the site two and a half years ago. The videos are exclusive and DRM-free, and they're offered for download in WMV, MPG and MP4 formats. The WMVs, are offered in full HD at 1920x1080 plus 1 smaller size, the MPGs are sized at 768x432 and the MP4s are sized a little smaller for mobiles. The videos are good amateur quality or better, and I found the MPGs to be a little sharper and more saturated than the other formats. There's also a streaming version of each video if you prefer to watch rather than download.

Each video comes with a picture set. The pics are good amateur quality digital stills sized at 800x1200. These are large pic sets - some with as many as 450 photos - but the first third of the pics show things like the girl walking around on the street or picking up the guy. There's some repetition in the shots, but there are also some close-ups and medium shots to get viewers into the action. There are no slideshows, but you can download the pics either individually or in zip files.

Full members get access to 2 bonus sites from the same network: Game For Gay with 17 episodes and My BF Gay with 15. Both have similar themes, focusing either on seducing straight guys or girls whose boyfriends or husbands are into men. Both bonus sites offer the same video size and quality as Gay Snare offers, and the performers, are very similar to what you'll find at Gay Snare. And both sites stopped updating a while back.

When it comes to issues, the most important is that the site doesn't update. Next are the two pre-checked offers on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for two more recurring porn memberships. Luckily, for those note interested, these offers are easy to uncheck. While the WMVs are large, over one gig each, download speeds are lackluster. And while trial members got limited access on our last visit, I was unable to determine if that was still the case; there's nothing about trial access on the site terms or join page.

Last, I found the site didn't always stay on theme. Some of the episodes featured tricked straight guys where others were gay guys getting picked up. BTW, considering how readily the "straight" guys take it in the ass, I'm guessing that at least a couple of them are not all that straight.

Gay Snare offers the classic reality porn scenario - girls picking up guys on the street. From there, things go one of two ways, as the guy who's picked up either thinks he's going to fuck the girl but gets tricked into trying out a guy or else the guy who gets picked up is gay and gets to fuck a buddy of the girl's. Either way, horny Euro guys suck cock and get fucked in 13 exclusive videos, each with pics. While the site is small, and no longer updates, full members get access to two bonus sites from the same network. I liked Gay Snare's downloadable HD videos, the uncut cocks and action, but I do wish the site was still updating.

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