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Gay Sex Exposed features horny men from all walks of life who have one thing in common - they want to get off in front of a video camera. The're mostly white, Latin and Eastern European guys in their early to late twenties, most clean shaven. We can't place these guys all in one niche as there are twinks and older men, men from various ethnic backgrounds; there are smooth, clean-shaven guys as well as performers with facial hair and / or natural pubes. Some are nicely muscled athletic types, some have hairy bodies and there are some guys with a few extra pounds on them. While some of the men could really be amateurs, I suspect there are also a number of porn regulars.

While more of the action is solos than hardcore, there's a mixture of kissing, cock rubbing, reach-over masturbation, dick sucking, threesomes, nipple play, toy play, bareback fucking and, of course, solo jack-off sessions. You'll find men sucking cock and fucking in a variety of locations, which can crank up the heat in some cases. Some scenes are shot outdoors and appeal to those who enjoy voyeur and public sex while others occur in locations like jail cells, backyards, kitchens and bathrooms.

Gay Sex Exposed offers 255 DRM-free videos in MP4 format, which is 88 more than there were 18 months ago when we last reviewed the site. Most of the videos are offered two sizes, but when I downloaded both sizes, they both played at 640x480. Puzzling. The older scenes come in at 480x360, and again, even though there are two versions offered, they're the same size. Of the 255 videos, only 61 of them are HD, and these come in three versions - one at 1280x720 and the other two both at 480x272. The videos are average to good amateur quality, and they're mobile compatible. There are also streaming vids available sized at 1140x858, although honestly I found the smaller downloadable versions were better quality. The videos are full scenes that typically last between nine and 25 minutes.

There are also 1,108 non-exclusive photo sets. These are dated and suggest the site is adding a new set nearly every day, but there are only 89 new additions since our last review 18 months ago, so it seems the site is playing loose with the release dates. The older pictures display at 533x800 and newer ones range from 1065x1600 to 1667x2500. The older pictures can lack crispness, but the newer ones are pretty good. The pictures come in thumbnail galleries and you can save them individually or download each set in a convenient zip file. There's no slideshow feature but the viewer does have forward and back controls.

Full members of Gay Sex Exposed get access to a DVD Theater with another 1,216 scenes in a variety of niches. These DVDs aren't the freshest porn out there, but there's enough to keep members watching, and you'll find performers from twinks and amateurs to muscle bears and black studs. There are also 17 third-party video feeds offering more videos in a variety of niches. Each offers 20 videos, so that's 340 more bonus vids to keep you busy.

We did run into plenty of issues. First, there is a pop-over when entering the tour and also sometimes when exiting the join page. Second, trial members get limited access allowing them to browse only 10 full-sized photo sets, stream just one movie, and you cannot download videos or zip files. Not only that, but trial memberships recur at $10 more per month than the cost of a regular monthly membership. Once inside the member area, clicking the logout button whisks you away to another site, which you are encouraged to join.

The site updates, but inconsistently. Some months they added one scene, others four, but most months seem to add three videos. It's pretty random. By the way, something I found annoying is that some scenes were cut before the cumshot, which sometimes happens when you use a software program to rip scenes from DVDs. There are lots of animated ads in the member area for straight porn which I find short-sighted and inconsiderate - I'm here to see dick, not chicks rubbing their tits or playing with their clits. And there are several large gay ads that can be misleading as they are designed to look like more content.

The join page offers HD videos, but only 61 of the 255 videos are HD, and almost all of those are solos; furthermore, no HD videos have been added since our last review. However, there are HD videos with fairly recent release dates, which means the site is recycling content. And tour's claims of multiple weekly updates and 1000s of HD movies and pics is pure fiction as is the implication that there are thousands of bareback scenes inside.

The last issue has to do with tour claims. The join page says that you get access to 17 bonus sites and displays logos from a number of producers like Jake Cruise, Rear Stable and Treasure Island Media, and all of this might infer access to the full sites, but what you get are the feed versions with 20 vids each instead of the full versions with hundreds of videos each.

This site does offer all sorts of men in a variety of action from solos to hardcore, but it doesn't deliver on a number of promises, so let me boil things down for you. Gay Sex Exposed offers 255 videos (only 61 of which are HD), 1,108 picture sets, 17 third-party video feeds and a DVD theater with another 1,216 older gay porn scenes. That's it. Forget about the claims you might see on the tour. While the site is updating, it's sometimes recycling older content and adding new release dates. If you just want some porn to get of to, this site could keep you busy, but there may be better options out there.

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