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The premise of Gay Revenge is simple: broken-hearted or angry lovers seek sexual revenge on their cheating boyfriends. Each guy lines up a big-dicked stud who is willing to hold the camera and film the jilted boyfriend sucking his dick. The cocksucker licks, slurps, and deep throats while the chosen stud films POV (point of view) style, and the camera catches every drop of cums that flies out of these two dicks. We haven't been inside the site since July 2014 and there's been a few changes, so let's check it out.

Most of the guys here are white and in their early to mid-twenties, but there are a handful of Latino and black guys as well. The performers are a mix of first-timers and newcomers, but there are also some porn regulars. I saw Jacques Lavere, Mario Costa, Sam Truitt, Alexander Greene, and Ricky Larkin in the ranks. Most of the guys are smooth and sport slim to athletic builds, although a few like Larkin are hairy and more muscled. And there's quite a lot of big meat here.

Many of the videos start off with the spurned lover talking to the camera and telling the back story like "I walked in on my lover screwing my best friend" or "my boyfriend was supposed to be working late but he was fucking his boss." Sometimes the cuckold looks in the camera and speaks directly to his lover: "How could you do this to me? Watch this, payback's a bitch." Then he chows down on the big cock hanging in front of his face. And of course he puts on his best performance ever, hoping to piss off his ex-lover when he sees it, or better yet, embarrass him when all his friends see it. Homemade revenge tapes, who knew?

The sessions are filmed POV (point of view) style, so the producer holds the camera and filming the jilted lover sucking his dick. I saw a couple of videos where the guy mainly jacks off and one where the camera man fleshjacked his buddy before getting his own dick sucked. Some of the videos feature the ex-lover offering his ass for a good fuck. Occasionally the guys really get into the scene and mention the cheater by name, "Hey Paul, your boyfriend's a great cocksucker, I don't know why you fucked around on him. I'm loving his mouth." And since most of the scenes are mainly oral, there are lots of creamy facials, but I saw a few guys lying on the floor offering their whole bodies as a cumshot landing pad.

There are 68 exclusive videos inside the Gay Revenge members area. The vids are good amateur quality streaming MP4s with decent sound and lighting; the newer scenes play at 958x540, the older scenes at 720x540. You can enlarge the player to see the videos in full-screen mode and most fare pretty well. There are a few videos which are a little dark because they have been filmed in dark places without proper lighting, like "Big and Juicy" that features a guy getting sucked off in his car at night. The vids are full scenes; the site doesn't offer downloads, but the streaming is pretty smooth.

Every Gay Revenge video comes with a matching picture set with between 20 and 100 photos each. The pics display at 958x540 at good amateur quality and show the action well. You can either browse through the galleries by hand or use the hands-free slideshow. Unfortunately there's no way to save them individually nor as a downloadable zip file.

This site is part of Reality Dudes, which offers four bonus sites. Str8 Chaser is another POV reality site with a producer offering straight guys money for sex; Dick Dorm brings us straight and gay college guys experimenting and both sites update weekly. Papi is a party site with lots of Latinos and horny white guys playing around, and Boys First Time features straight guys having their supposed first guy-on-guy sex, but neither of these sites is updating. Altogether there are about 700 bonus videos.

There are a few issues. First, Gay Revenge and two of the four bonus sites don't update any longer. There is a pre-selected offer on the billing page dropdown menu that, if left selected, will sign you up for a second recurring membership when you join Gay Revenge, but you can easily opt out of this if you're not interested. Also, be aware that when joining this site, you are automatically signed up for their email list

Gay Revenge offers amateur-style, POV videos and matching photo sets of amateur (and a few not-so-amateur) guys getting even with cheating boyfriends and exes by sucking a big-dicked stud on camera and then showing the videos to them - and us. Some talk smack to the boyfriend in the video, and some go all the way and let the camera man fuck them and film his big cock stretching out their holes. There 68 exclusive streaming videos and 700 more videos from the four bonus sites; while Gay Revenge itself doesn't update, two of the bonus sites do. The revenge videos are hot, and thanks to the bonus sites, there's quite a bit here to watch and enjoy.

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