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Gay Pawn is a site with a fun theme based on reality TV shows like Pawn Stars. Gay Pawn episodes take place in an actual pawn shop, and what better place could there be to find broke guys who really need cash? You may be familiar with how this works: a college student wants to sell his baseball cards, a surfer needs to sell his surfboards, a hunk needs to sell some jewelry - you get the idea. Every one of them wants more than their items are worth, only at THIS pawn store, there are options ... if the guy doing the selling doesn't mind getting naked and giving up his mouth, cock, and maybe his ass.

This is the only pawn store I know of where if you REALLY need more money, you have the option to leave your sexual preferences at the door. The catch is that you'll have to take on the counter man and the store's huge bouncer. Each episode starts with the item for sale being shown and the financial negotiating, and ends up with stripping, masturbation, cocks getting sucked, and asses getting rammed right there in the shop. Sometimes the guy is told he can make extra money posing nude, but you know how that can go - one thing leads to another. In one episode, an attempted shoplifter is caught and punished by two hard cocks and a face load of jizz.

Gay Pawn only offers 11 videos, although they are satisfyingly long videos, and the site last updated 6 months ago, so it's probably safe to say that no new episodes are being added. The videos are DRM-free, and are offered for download in MP4 format, the largest sized at 1920x1080 plus three smaller sizes including one optimized for mobiles including iPhone, iPad and many Android devices. If you'd rather watch than download, you can also stream the videos in 3 qualities/sizes of MP4. Overall video quality is good, and the sound is clear.

Each episode comes with a set of pics. These are better-than-average quality screencaps sized at 1280x720. You can view each set on its gallery page or download the pics in a zip file. While these picture sets capture the action well, with over 1000 images per set, there's a lot of repetition, and there's also a LOT of pics of the guys talking fully dressed at the pawn shop counter. Still, the action is there if you don't mind digging for it a bit.

When you log into Gay Pawn but after you pass the full page ad for live cam guys, you'll find yourself on a page where it appears that you get access to both the site itself and a network called Big Daddy. After talking to the site owners, we've determined that Gay Pawn members do not get access to any bonus sites, which is definitely disappointing.

Now let's talk about the issues. First is that the site is small and does not update, so what you see is what you get. Next is the pre-checked offer on the sign-up page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second recurring site membership as you join this site. There's the already-mentioned full page ad for live cams you must pass through the first time you log into the member area, and you can expect to see lots more live cam ads in the member area. And when you log back in, there's a pre-checked offer there, too; you can untick it if you don't want to join another site when logging in. And last, I believe trial members may get limited access to the site's content - that's the case with other sites from this company.

Gay Pawn is a great site if you love reality TV. The action here takes place in an actual pawn shop, and every episode includes plenty of sucking, fucking and loads of cum. There are 11 episodes, and while that's not many, at least the videos are over half an hour each - too bad this site is no longer adding new content. The videos are downloadable and DRM-free or you can stream them, and each is available for mobiles, as well. While there are some issues (see paragraphs above), I think Gay Pawn delivers on their pawn shop / gay-for-pay theme very well; I just wish the site were bigger.

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