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Gay Orgies offers scenes featuring threeways and fourgies as well as small and large group action. This site is a doorway into the Sureflix pay-per-view network that gives you access not only to over 1,000 group scenes but to their entire network of over 42,000 videos. There's a lot to see here, so let's take a look.

Gay Orgies brings together scenes from all kinds of studios and porn producers (there are over 240 studios listed, although not all of them feature group sex) so you can expect to find a wide variety of men, everything thing from horny twinks to big sweaty bears with heaps of jocks, muscle men, daddies, and others in between. There are lots of category options to help you find the kinds of men and action that you want, and just about every kind of man is available including black guys, Latinos, Asian guys, average dudes, butch men, and uncut guys, to name just a few.

There is an orgies category that zeros in on the gay group action here, but orgies is a bit of a misnomer as it also includes threeways and foursomes which aren't really orgies. Still, it gets you started in the right direction. You can also use the free-form search field to search for other options like "group sex" with 1,407 scenes or "gang bang" with 126 scenes or you can type in options like threesomes or foursomes.

Here's a sampling of what I found on the Gay Orgies homepage. There were a number of Titan Men movies with a group of men waiting out a hurricane and fucking in a warehouse; there was more group action in a public restroom, and some horny prisoners fucking in jail. There's some kinky gang bang action from Bound in Public with bottoms tied up and used by groups of men in public places like bars. There are a lot of videos from William Higgins who produces sweaty group suck and fuck action in the Czech Republic. And there are many other studios like Staxus, MEN.com, All Worlds Video, Treasure Island Media, Raw Fuck Club, Lucas Entertainment, and heaps more.

In the Orgies category you'll find 1,077 scenes from 282 movies, but because of the way the movies are tagged I can't be sure that this is completely accurate - more about that a bit later. Because Gay Orgies is a doorway into the Sureflix network, you'll find a total of 9,568 DVDs and 42,911 scenes here, but again, this goes way beyond the scope of group sex.

The way it works here is that you rent DVDs or individual scenes for 24-hour periods, then stream them in a Silverlight player. (If you don't already have Silverlight, it's easy enough to install). You can buy viewing packages for as little as $9.99 or as much as $99.99, and there are bonuses like the current special where you buy $69.99 worth of viewing time but they give you $120, which is a really great deal. Renting a scene will cost you between $3 and $4.50, although some are a little less or more, and you can rent entire DVDs for between $10 to $15.

The videos stream in a pop-up player in various sizes from around 394x526 to 640x360. But this is just the beginning. You can maximize the player so the videos play at around 1038x780 to 1380x780, but there may be some that are only offered in smaller sizes. And you can also opt for the full-screen mode that'll enlarge the videos even more. Just remember that these videos are produced by over 240 studios all using different equipment, so viewing sizes and picture quality varies. The network auto detects the best speed for your computer, so if you find things aren't to your liking just check the viewing options to see if there's a better quality version available, most videos are offered in two to five different speeds. You can also speed up the viewing a watch the videos at two or five times their normal speed, or you can slow them down to half speed to catch those flying cumshots in slow motion. The site doesn't offer downloads.

There aren't any picture galleries here, but each movie has three thumbnails that preview the guys and the action. As well, there's a filmstrip underneath the player that allows you to jump ahead in the action, and these thumbnails also give you a preview. The robust servers allow for fast forwarding and playback that's almost instantaneous. Finally, there is a stream-to-own option that puts a video in your permanent library so you can watch it however many times and whenever you want.

There are some drawbacks here. Those stream-to-own rentals are disabled if you haven't made a purchase for six consecutive months, so the network forces you to continue buying so you can watch something you've already paid for. Next, there is a pre-checked option on the sign-up page that allows the site to automatically refill your wallet when you've run out of time. Clicking the Rent Scene button tags the movie to your account but doesn't automatically play it; you'll have to go to your history page or, depending where you are on the site, the Rent Scene button will change to a play button. While new videos are added every day to the Sureflix network, they aren't dated and they aren't always going to feature group action. And there are two pre-checked email list offers when you create your account.

And last is something that bothered me and made the site more complicated to use. You can't always count on the site's categorization of videos as a DVD with one group scene is tagged group, so all the scenes will show up in the group sex listings. For instance, on the homepage they list all five scenes from Titan Men's "Men's Room" even though only one of them features group action.

Gay Orgies brings lots of group suck and fuck action into one theater offering 1,077 scenes from 282 group sex DVDs, and as this is a doorway to the Sureflix network, you'll have access to over 42,000 scenes with more added every day. Whether you like watching circle jerks or cocksuckers servicing a group of men or bareback gangbangs, you'll find them all here. And there are many options to help you zero in on the kinds of men and action that you love best. The videos play well in a robust player with lots of features and options, so you should have a pretty horny time here.

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