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Who doesn't like a man in uniform? Marines, sailors, and army men - a man in uniform turns heads. Gay Military Porn brings together a large collection of gay military theme movies all in one place from both big and small studios alike. With titles like "Ready to Serve" and "Shore Leave," I'm getting excited, so let's get inside and see everything this site has to offer.

On the home page there are guys in camouflage pants and army green shirts; there's a sailor in his white tunic and Dixie Cup hat, one cadet is blowing another and they're both wearing their dress blues, and there's lots of other men wearing nothing but their dog tags. It's hard to nail down a type of man at Gay Military Porn because the movies have been produced by dozens of different studios and filmed from as far back as 1976 up to the present day with men from all over the world; there's quite a variety of men ranging from 18 into their forties. "Bareback Military Kaos 6" features lean and slim-built or athletic smooth guys who appear to be 18 to the early twenties, but Titan Men's "Gunnery Sgt. McCool" features muscle hunks and hairy daddies, so it's quite a grab bag of men. You'll find heaps of pornstars and lots of amateurs and first-timers, too.

Likewise, the action is all over the place from military studs jacking their dicks in solos to soldiers and Marines sucking and fucking in hardcore action. There's a mix of condom and bareback sex and the guys play around in duos, threeways, fourgies, and groups. Some of the movies gives us uniforms and military settings and scenarios like guys playing in the barracks, army tents, or fucking on the their Jeep, but others offer us guys away on shore leave getting off in bedrooms and other home settings.

You'll find lots of well-known studios here, as well as others you've never heard of before. You can expect videos from Titan Men, San Diego Boy Productions, Raging Stallion Studios, Falcon, Raw Fuck Club, Dark Alley Media, All American Military, Catalina Video, Dirk Yates, The Body Shoppe, and dozens more.

Gay Military Porn itself offers 1,851 scenes from 429 DVD titles, so there's plenty to keep you entertained. The videos are offered to stream only and you'll need the Silverlight player. If you don't already have it installed, it's easy enough to download. The player offers some nifty features like a visual timeline that lets you jump forward and back in the action, as well the movies are offered in several different bitrates (usually four or five), and the system selects the best for your set-up, but you're free to choose any speed you like as well.

When you select a movie to watch, the streaming player pops up in a separate window and the video initially plays around 640x480, but you can maximize the window and enlarge the movie to as big as 1384x784, but there are many smaller sizes, too. The quality depends on the age of the movie and the production company, but generally speaking they're pretty good, although vintage and amateur productions won't be as sharp and clear as more modern ones. And there's a full-screen mode that enlarges the movie further and the results vary here from good to don't bother.

Gay Military Porn is part of Sureflix, a pay-per-view network where you purchase viewing packages priced from $10 to $100, then you pay on a per-scene basis. Most scenes fall between $3 and $4, but some are a little more or less; you can also rent whole DVDs for around $10 to $12. The rentals are valid for a 24-hour period, but there is a stream-to-own option, where for a couple of extra bucks, the scene is attached to your account forever (well, sort of - more about that shortly) and you can watch it as many times and as often as you want. The videos are not available to download. There aren't any picture galleries, but every scene has three thumbnails previewing the action.

Once you're done satisfying your craving for military meat, you can check out the 9,633 DVDs offering you 43,204 individual scenes in the Sureflix network. This huge library brings you heaps of movies offering everything from twinks to daddies and European studs to American amateurs and not only lots of jerking, sucking, and fucking, but kinky play with dildos and spanking, water sports, dungeon action, rough sex, and orgies.

There are lots of search options to help you find the content that turns you on. All of Gay Military Porn's videos are under the military category, but you're free to browse the several dozen other categories from big cocks to bareback and straight guys to black studs. There are categories for types of guys like average dudes and bears; there's role playing like blue collar or doctors; there's an ethnic section where you'll find guys from all over the world; and there are sections for both BDSM and Fetish Porn and all the kinky flavors. You can also hunt for movies by studio or performer, and just in case that isn't enough, there's a free-form search box.

There are a few of drawbacks to warn you about. First, your viewing credits don't last forever - you have to use them within six months or they expire. Next, watch for the pre-checked option on the sign-up page that automatically refills your wallet whenever it's empty. If you buy any videos in Sureflix's stream-to-own program, you have to purchase at least one viewing package every six months to keep them active. The videos aren't dated, so I have no idea how often Gay Military Porn is adding new content, but I know that the Sureflix network adds new movies most days, however these aren't going to be just military themes. And last, there are two pre-checked email offers on the join page, but they're easy enough to uncheck if you don't want to receive emails.

Gay Military Porn is a doorway into the Sureflix world that brings all of the network's military movies front and center. There are 1,851 scenes from 429 DVD titles and more added fairly frequently, although since the updates aren't dated, I can't tell you exactly how often military scenes are added. You'll find guys from all branches of the military - navy, army, air force, and Marines - and even lots of cops, firemen, and doctors if you're into uniforms in general. And you're free to browse the entire network, which offers over 43,000 scenes from more than 9,600 DVDs. While the videos aren't available for download, the streaming servers are robust here making it easy to enjoy what's on offer.

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