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Gay Lessons says they focus on older men teaching inexperienced twinks "the basics of oral and anal sex" as well as more in-depth courses. The twinks are mostly college age, and although some are cute, boyish, and slender, some are more average twenty-somethings, one or two with a few extra pounds on them. One twink, called Oleg, is actually balding and around 32 years old (LOL). The "teachers" are daddies in their late thirties and forties, some with grey hair, heavy with hairy bellies (which some try to hide with shirts). All the performers are European, mostly with dark hair and uncut cocks, and there's no English spoken here, nor are there subtitles.

The videos try and stay on theme, so you'll find inter-generational sex, kissing, cock sucking and fucking here. In one scene I watched, an older man watched as one guy in his twenties gave another guy a blowjob, and it seemed to me he was passionate and doing a great job. Then the older man starts telling them what to do and finally took over to show his students how to suck dick - I'm guessing, to some degree, as the dialogue isn't in English, but it was pretty self-evident. In another scene, called "Twinks Anally Deflorated By Teachers," two horny twinks are going at it when the teacher joins them for a threesome after giving some instruction, although they seem to be doing just fine without it.

Gay Lessons offers 24 video updates, most in WMV format and sized at 512x400 or 640x480. At their original size they're good amateur quality; they enlarge fairly well considering their size, but if you go full screen, you can expect a loss of sharpness and clarity. Lighting and sound are pretty decent. Most videos are broken into clips that are either one or three minutes each depending on the video, and only four - listed as separate updates - are offered as full scenes. The videos are available to download but not to stream, and there are no mobile versions available.

There are also 54 picture sets. These are fairly good amateur quality digital stills sized at 1024x768 that show off the action pretty well. Each set can be viewed as a gallery or a hands-free slideshow, and you can download individual photos, however the zip file links aren't working. With a couple exceptions, there are over 100 pictures in each set.

When it comes to extras, Gay Lessons members get some decent bonuses. There are seven additional sites in the network that appear to be shot by the same studio; most feature the same kind of European twinks and amateurs, so you can expect more uncut cocks. There's also a crossdresser sex site, and one featuring horny guys getting fucked by HUGE black cocks. None of these sites update, but they do add value for members, and some of the sites offer full scenes, and even HD videos. There's also a collection of erotic gay stories.

Let's talk about issues. While the updates show dates that are less than a month old, the site doesn't update; it's been around since 2006 and only has 24 videos. The members area is clunky and sports a number of banners at the top or bottom of the pages. The site isn't very large with only 24 updates, some of which are only half of a full scene that is then broken into clips. There's no information about the models either and no subtitles even during the instruction given to the twinks. There are misleading banners at the top and bottom of the bonus page, not to mention a non-working link to "138 Free sites." And the streaming vids and downloadable zip files don't work.

There are a couple last things worth mentioning. First is that the tour claim of "600+ full porn DVDs with our DVD Plugin" is unmet - I was unable to find a DVD plugin or any links to DVDs of any kind. Also despite claims on the tour, the twinks and amateurs on this site are anything but inexperienced (and some aren't even twinks). They seem quite well-versed when it comes to sucking dick, so it doesn't seem that any instruction is actually necessary.

Gay Lessons delivers older men teaching guys in their twenties how to have suck cock and fuck, and the daddies often join in; in fact, sometimes a scene will feature a duo of a daddy and a twink. The 24 video updates are offered to download, most as clips, although there's no streaming or mobile options, and although the video dates might try to tell you differently, this site doesn't actually update. Still, if you're looking for horny European twinks and college age guys getting instruction (and dick) from daddies with uncut cocks and hairy bellies, Gay Lessons could be worth a look.

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