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Gay Friend Finder has been around for a long time - I remember seeing their site before 2000. They're probably one of the original gay personals sites, and they offer members way to search for friends, dating, marriage or a serious relationship. Members, free and paid, create their profiles, including a little about themselves and a description of what they're looking for, area and some more basic info.

Members can search for guys by age, relationship type and country - you can search by state if you're in the U.S., province if you're Canadian or territory in Australia. Members can also search by distance from their location. Paying members get a lot more search options including languages spoken, race, personality type, height, education, alcohol and tobacco usage plus some more options.

Just like most personal ads sites, free members at Gay Friend Finder get access to less features and more ads, although they can do searches, upload pics to their own profiles, browse brief profiles, check their messages and send messages, but free members cannot view other members' pics or videos, nor do they get access to the ads here surprised me, as there's a big banner right below the navigation bar that often has women on it or even just a sexy woman. This seemed a bit jarring for a gay site.

There are two levels of paid memberships - silver and gold. The gold members get access to everything the site has to offer, while the silver members get only partial access to features like blogs, groups and magazines. Gold members get access to extra large pictures, and also can get messenger contact info (like ICQ and Yahoo Messenger) for members who offer it in their profiles. Paid members can look at full profiles and do more detailed searches. Gold members show up at the top of searches, get full access to blogs, groups and magazine features (I believe silver members get only partial access).

I've been checking out a lot of personal ad and hookup sites recently, and things have probably changed a bit since Gay Friend Finder first appeared on the scene. There are a lot more sites focused on guys finding guys for sex, not just relationships, and a fair amount of sites focused on certain types of men, like daddies, bears or truckers. These more specific types of sites tend to have less members, but they also have lower prices for their paid memberships.

Gay Friend Finder says on their tour search page, "meet our 61,893 active members*, view 66 hot photos"." Considering that Gay Friend Finder has members in so many countries, I was expecting more members, although over 60,000 is certainly a lot, and I'm wondering why there are only 66 hot pics, which I'm assuming are nude or sexy in some way, since many members do have photos.

Gay Friend Finder offers guys looking for friends, dating or serious relationships a way to connect. While this site isn't the only place you can find men looking for men, it's certainly one of the longest-running. The layout is clean and easy to use, search options are pretty good, and free members can check out small profiles and send and receive messages. This doesn't seem to be the place to be if you're looking for hookups or no-strings blowjobs, but a lot of the guys looking for friends are also looking for sex.

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