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Gay Fetish Porn brings together kinky action from two European studios - Wurstfilm and Cazzo Club - in one site. It's been a few years since we last visited this site, and there's a lot of filthy action to see here, so let's get started.

Most of the men here are European, but you will find Americans, as well, and good news for foreskin lovers is that there's heaps of uncut cocks. The men range from athletic guys in their twenties with natural or gym-fit bodies to muscle hunks as well as daddies in their forties, and you'll find both hairy and smooth performers. There are also plenty of tattoos and piercings. The men come from all over Europe -- England, Spain, France, Germany, and Eastern Europe -- but there's a larger ratio of German men and quite a few skinheads, too.

Because this is primarily a fetish sex site, you'll find performers wearing all kinds of gear from leather and rubber to mechanics coveralls and sports wear. You'll also find denim, jockstraps, suits, wife beaters, skinhead gear, uniforms, and lots of men wearing nothing at all. The action covers just about everything you'd hope to find on a fetish sex site: bareback fucking, dildo sex, domination, bondage, piss play, spanking, group sex, fisting and extreme ass play, gloryhole sex, and interracial fucking. And there are some big dicks including Tim Kruger's massive meat from when he was just starting out in porn.

One video has two cocksuckers led into a room on leashes; before them are four men in suits stroking their hard-ons and waiting for a warm mouth. Another guy lies back on a leather sling in a German sex club and two tops feed him their big uncut dicks. A guy cruising the toilets gets more than he bargained for when a nasty fucker ties him up naked and pisses all over him. There are lots of guys taking all kinds of cocks up their asses - both bareback and condom - and they don't stop with dicks; there's plenty of dildo fucking and fisting here, too.

You'll find executives in suits fucking at the office or in public toilets, as well as loads of videos with skinheads roughing up guys or each other in duos and gangbangs. Sometimes there's fucking, sometimes just a cocksucker on his knees servicing one or more dicks and eating loads of cum. There are men in masks or leather gear, rough sex, and threeways. If you like your sex dirty and pervy, you should find plenty here to keep you going.

Gay Fetish Porn offers 556 videos in DRM-free MP4 format that stream in a 972x552 player, some videos filling the entire viewing area, while others are displayed at smaller sizes like 744x530 inside the player. The picture quality varies on the age of the production, and a lot of the action takes places in dark sex clubs, playrooms, and warehouses, so you can expect varying lighting and sound issues. You can also enlarge the videos to full-screen, and results will depend on the quality of the original video. But for the most part, I found the videos didn't present many viewing issues, and was able to watch them on my phone and tablet.

Let me explain a little about the site. This is not a membership site; it's a pay-per-view theater where movies cost $1.95 each to watch, and you can buy packages of viewing credits to save a little money. When you rent a video, it's yours to watch as much as you want for three days.

Now let's talk about drawbacks. The biggest one is that, despite claims of weekly updates, the site stopped updating in 2017, so what you see is what you get. That's not that important since it's not a membership site, but it is something to be aware of. Next, and also very important, is that unlike most sites that work with credits, when you buy movie credits here, they're only good for three months. I was disappointed that the videos weren't downloadable.

A couple of other quibbles are the lack of photos, although there is a 30-second preview clip you can watch. Also many scenes don't have any kind of description, although there's space for one, and not all episodes have cast listings, but when they do, the performer names are clickable so you can find more of your favorites but no info or profiles.

If you like fetish sex and don't like the idea of committing to a monthly membership, Gay Fetish Porn is perfect. They have a large selection of 556 videos, some short and some as long as an hour and a half, and there's lots of variety from sucking and fucking to hardcore fetish and piggy play. There are a good number of porn stars and familiar faces, and not only do I like dirty sex, but I love European men and foreskin, so I'm a very happy pig here. There's always room for improvement, but Gay Fetish Porn has the most important thing covered - hot, nasty sex and lots of it.

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