Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Gay Diapers has an unusual theme - men in diapers and adult babies. You can expect to find a range of Asian guys, some Russians, plus some white twinks and a few older diaper fans, and the thing they have in common is the wearing of fresh, white nappies, as the British call them. Many of the models are slender, although not all are twinks, and there are some beefier adult babies, as well. The gallery and video titles give you an idea of what to expect - "Diaper boy Bernie on the couch" is the name of one photo set, "Renat knows he's not supposed to be up on the counter" is another, and then "Baby boy Ray," another. The site stays with its adult baby-play theme very well.

There's a lot of softcore here with these fairly cute amateur guys posing in their disposable diapers, sucking on pacifiers, playing baby and acting like naughty nappy nippers. There are many galleries with guys posing, some rubbing themselves through their diapers, and then other guys who, after a session in the cot or on the bed, take their diapers off. There are a few more hardcore galleries where the solo guy will masturbate or a duo will engage in spanking; there's a fuck gallery, and amateur butts in fresh white diapers are again the common theme. Most of the content stays with the fantasy of seeing twinks and slender amateurs in nappies, with the occasional older guys getting in on the act.

Gay Diapers offered four videos back in 2007 and there are the same four videos now, so it's clear that the site no longer updates. The movies, which I assume are exclusive, are available to download in WMV for three movies and MPEG for one which also comes in clips. Three of the videos run for 14 - 15 minutes, the other one for four. The videos are sized at 320x240, which was common when the site launched, but I'd say that full screen is not really an option as it leads to some pixelation and a great loss of sharpness and clarity. While the videos aren't offered to stream, you can easily play a video without downloading first by clicking on it - they're small, so fast to load.

Gay Diapers has 77 image galleries, again all featuring adult babies in diapers. These are linked from the member home page and are shown in basic thumbnail galleries. Images are at 450x600 or 385x500 and the quality is about average. There are simple navigation buttons, you click through the pics one at a time, but then you have to reverse out with your back button until you hit the home page again. There are no slideshows or zip files but you can save individual pictures. Galleries are titled "Sex 004" or "Set 07," but there's a brief description of each set and the fetish is all there.

The site is very simple; it's a throwback to the early days of home web design, or at least that's how I saw it. This doesn't stop you from enjoying the content but you will need to use your back button a lot to navigate back out of galleries or you could open each one in a new tab and close each when you're done. There are no interactive options and no images at all on the member home page. The tour pages are very simple, too, but don't let that put you off; everything inside the member area works just fine.

There are no bonuses at the site. The tour advertises some bonus galleries but they are mixed in with the rest of the content and there are no other extras. One of the links at the top of the page - Daily Diapers - leads to an adult baby community. The other leads to an expired domain.

So there are a few issues with the site and it's mainly to do with its age. The site doesn't update - the member home page says "Last Updated: 05/15/05". There's a $1.95 processing fee added to all membership options, and the sizes of the movies are small and content quality is average. There are no streaming or mobile videos, no interactive options and no model index or information and only brief scene descriptions of a few words. Your sign-up options include a monthly recurring one and then non-recurring longer-term options (one says it includes a free video CD, but I wouldn't be surprised if they no longer send them), but it's only going to take you a day or so to see and save everything here.

One last thing worth mentioning is that I didn't find a link to the processor anywhere on the site. The processor is Verotel, and you can cancel and get password help if needed through their site.

But despite its issues, Gay Diapers does give you a mix of Asian and white twinks, slender amateurs and some slightly older guys in diapers and sticking with the adult baby theme. There are 77 galleries, and the four videos are small but downloadable. The galleries are mostly solo but with some slightly hardcore ones, too. They are also, as far as I know, exclusive and so if you've not already got them in your collection, you're going to want to add them. While the site doesn't update and content is straight out of 2005, the models are mostly cute, they don't always take what they are doing seriously, but still, you wouldn't chuck them out of the pram for being naughty.

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