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Gay Date Link is a dating and hookup site that says it's "the web's premier site for men seeking men". Like many other similar sites, it offers an anonymous email system, the ability to create a profile for free, and of course, it says there are thousands of hot local guys online right now. They say menmbers can take part free in live video and audio chat sessions, which seems like a plus, but there was no clear explanations of the thrust of the site or the differences between what paying and free members get access to.

I signed up for a free membership and when I did a search, I discovered that the dropdown menu includes males, females and couples, and even though I did a search as a male searching for males only, my search results included women who had accidentally clicked the wrong option when they created their profiles. In fact, many of the results closest to wear I live were women, even though I actually live near West Hollywood.

I must asssume that Gay Date Link is owned by a company with a straight dating site, since this is the only gay hookup site I've seen with large numbers of women, and they're not fag hags - they're searching for straight men. When you upload your photo, there are pics of a sexy chick on the upload page.

Free members can do searches, but cannot look at member profiles - what you get is a page with paid membership options. This page also includes a pre-checked offer (called a cross sale) that signs you up if left unchecked to a rather pricy straight porn site. While paid members can do searches that include info about the person they're looking for, like whether they smoke or drink, education, height, eye color, free members can fill out the entire detailed search form only to discover that they don't get access to detailed searches, only basic search.

When it comes to design, Gay Date Link's pages look like it's 1996 all over again, and not in a good way. The pages are small and plain, with few graphics or anything to brighten them up. There are some advertising banners, and interestingly enough, these are ads for sex with women. And speaking of sex with women, when a Gay Date Link member signs up for a paid membership, there's a pre-checked offer on the join page that will sign you up for a straight porn site, so be sure and untick the box unless that's something that interests you. It would have made more sense to at least make it a gay porn site.

Let's talk about sections. The Live Chat section is not available to free members, despite claims on the tour that live chat is free. There's a link to your account, your mailbox, profile, plus Search Now, Help and a section called Sexy Links, and this is where you'll find a few things like penis extenders for sale.

Gay Date Link didn't impress me with its search results, the amount of access it gives its free members, nor did it seem to focus on anything. Many sites focus on either sex or dating, and all the other gay dating sites I've visited focused on men. Here it seems like the gay site is run by people used to running straight sites, since the ads are all female-related. The design and functions here all seem dated and the search results I got included lots of women and a number of men who didn't use pics in their profile. I'd be happy to see this site bring itself up to date and focus on men looking for men rather than selling straight porn or penis extenders.

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