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Gay DVD is an online store stocked with the latest gay DVDs and it's quite a large site with a good selection of titles and studios; in fact, they have over 250 studios in their inventory. And frankly, Gay DVD is one of the better DVD stores I've seen.

Let's talk about the site's features. New Releases has all the latest DVDs arriving into the store and it's probably a good place to start. Gay DVD is run by Raging Stallion / Falcon Studios, so the homepage itself can quite heavily favor those two studios, and you're better off jumping right into some of the other sections. Each DVD displays a thumbnail with title and basic production information like date and studio. Clicking the DVD cover takes you to a detail page where you'll find a full cast listing and most of the biggest studios have images for the performers as well, but as you'll find after cruising Gay DVD, this is hit and miss.

In fact, you'll find most of features on the detail page are inconsistent, largely because Gay DVD relies on the studios to provide the information. Some studios take great care in sending full scene descriptions, cast listings and pictures, and preview pictures of the scenes; other studios just seem to send along their DVDs without much background.

One of the things that I liked about Gay DVD is that the studio, director, and performer names are all clickable, so you can easily find more of your faves. And many of the top men working in gay porn have a small collection of photos on their bio pages. I'd be happier with more bio information on the star pages, some have greater detail, but most don't.

On the site's navigation bar, you can browse through a number of different categories: new releases, Blu-Ray, studios, directors, stars, movie under $10 and another section under $20, there's a sale section for special pricing or promos, and there's a small merchandise section for sex toys and aromas. There's also another "current sales / promos" where you'll find special deals like Black Friday sales, and the good news is that even though Black Friday has long passed, the sale pricing still exists.

You can subscribe to two newsletters, one from Gay DVD itself that will tell you about new releases and special details; the second is called HUNT and features news from Raging Stallion and Falcon Studios about current productions, new performers, and highlights from both current and past videos.

Once you're done shopping and have added DVDs to your cart, you enter your shipping and credit card information and the system will calculate your shipping fees. If you live in the U.S. and order more than $75 in DVDs, shipping is free; international customers get free shipping on orders greater than $150. The site says that your order will arrive with 10 days after ordering and they only list movies that they actually have in stock, so you shouldn't be stuck in backorder hell. U.S. orders are shipped by UPS and run anywhere between $5 and $25 depending on the level of UPS service you want. International orders are shipped by the regular postal service. You credit card is discretely billed as Castro Street Distribution Inc.

I have ordered from Gay DVD a few years ago and the DVDs arrive in a plain padded envelope, the discs are shipping in paper sleeves and not jewel cases, and they include the DVD's cover so you can insert them in your own jewel cases.

One thing that I didn't like about Gay DVD is that every time you return to the homepage, a preview video with sound auto plays. Since the site only changes the preview every day or so, it's annoying to have the same movie playing over and over. Another thing I didn't care for is that every time you add a movie to your shopping cart, you're transported to the shopping cart page and you lose the page you were just visiting. I've seen other sites where your purchase is simply added to the cart and when you're ready to view your cart, you can.

Another thing I found missing was a "people who bought this DVD also liked ..." feature. There's so much porn coming at us that a suggestion or two is always helpful.

Gay DVD is a good place to shop for gay porn DVDs. The problems with the site aren't unique to them; all online stores will only have the DVD and performer information that the studios provide. Gay DVD has a great selection with videos from over 250 different studios and lots of my favorite studios had good inventories of new and past DVDs. The site design is a little drab, but it works and I found it easy to get around and find what I wanted. The other thing that Gay DVD has going for them is that they've been around for a lot of years, so they're stable and reliable. And if you ever have any problems, their U.S. toll-free number or e-mail address makes them easy to contact.

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