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Gay Cinema Club is all about variety. You'll find cute twinks, horny daddies in their forties, hung Latinos, black guys, muscle hunks, average dudes, and some men with a few extra pounds on them. While many performers are smooth chested, there are hairy men, as well; you'll find a mix of clean-cut models and guys who are a bit rough around the edges. I found a few leather men, the occasional guy with a beard or face scruff, as well as cocks in all sizes, both cut and uncut. There are amateurs, some guys who are probably porn regulars, and in the picture section I found some porn stars including Ray Stone, TJ Cummings (only 3 pics) and three interracial sets featuring black muscle stud Marc Williams.

The action is also varied. There are fuck and suck duos, threesomes, solo guys stripping and stroking. I found scenes with plenty of kissing, rimming sessions, men fondling each other, some interracial videos, and plenty of cumshots. There's sex indoors on couches or beds as well as some steamy outdoor sessions. I didn't run across much in the way of fetish or kink, but otherwise I'd say there's a little of a lot of things here, although only one scene is listed in Facial Cumshots and there's apparently only one Asian guy.

Gay Cinema Club now offers 329 videos, 132 more than there were on our last visit 17 months ago. The videos are offered in MP4 format, many sized at either 640x480 or 720x404 or else in HD at 1920x1080. The HD videos are available in three smaller sizes so those on slower connections or mobile devices can play them. The smaller vids sized at 640x480 or 720x404 are listed with a smaller size for mobiles, but sometimes they're the exact same video listed a second time, which is fine since these videos are small enough to play on almost all mobiles.

Each video can also be streamed in a player around 1140x640 or 1058x824. While this means the smaller videos are stretched out a bit, they look better at the size of the player than at full screen. Overall, video quality ranges from average to good amateur. I like the clickable thumbs beneath the video player that will take you to various parts of the video you're watching. By the way, new updates are not necessarily newer productions; some recent updates are older productions from DVDs produced in the late '90s through the early 2000s.

The site also offers 878 picture sets. These are digital stills, sizes ranging from 499x750 to 1660x2500 and including sizes in between. Quality is all over the map, too; the larger pics tend to be sharper and better quality, the smaller pics average to fairly good amateur but some are closer to average. Downloadable zip files and picture-to-picture navigation are available, and you can download individual photos, as well, but there are no slideshows. The pics are non-exclusive, and I've seen many of them on other websites for years, but still there are some good ones, and you'll find a variety of men including porn stars the late '90s and early 2000s.

Members get some extras. In the Movie Theater section you'll find over 1,200 bonus videos. These are taken from gay feeds, but are presented on the site's own pages. These are category searchable, and the categories are fairly accurate and easy to use, and the videos stream well and most are decent to pretty good amateur quality.

Now let's talk about issues. First, on the billing page just above the CLICK FOR ACCESS button is a tiny, hard-to-spot pre-checked offer that says "Please upgrade me to a VIP Membership+" If you read the even tinier text below the button, VIP Membership+ gives access to the mobile version of the site plus two pre-checked trial offers that will recur together at $71.83 - $111.78 per month if you add in a recurring trial price for Gay Cinema Club. And since the videos are already mobile compatible, do you really need access to the mobile version of the site?

Next is the site's claim of multiple weekly updates. Many weeks have two updates, but one recent week had only a single update; since the site has added 132 vids in 17 months, that averages just under eight updates per month. The tour offers "1000's of HD Movies & Pics". While the site does have some HD videos, only 62 of the 329 videos are HD, and only standard def videos have been added in the last 55 days. Trial members may get only limited access to the site's content, and trial memberships recur at $10 more than a regular monthly membership. Also worth mentioning are the multiple rows of thumbs at the bottom of many pages that are actually an ad; some, btw, show women in action.

The categories can be handy as guidelines as long as you realize that many of the so-called twinks are slim and smooth but not twinks and many of the guys in HAIRY have hairy pubes but smooth chests. On the other hand, many of the selections under HANDJOB are solos, and there's only one listing under PORNSTAR, and it's titled "Amateur Chuck 2". And my favorite faux pas is a category for UPSKIRTS, which lists only men both solo and in hardcore scenes with nary a skirt in sight. There's also a category called GAY EXPOSED, and I have no idea what that means - looking at the sets listed there didn't clear anything up.

Gay Cinema Club does deliver a nice variety of types of men from twinks to daddies, average amateurs and black studs, college types and Latinos. You'll find guys sucking cocks and fucking, solo masturbation sessions, threesomes and group sex, and there's plenty of cumshots and outdoor sessions in 329 videos that can be downloaded, streamed and watched on most mobiles. Updates are usually added twice a week, although there are sometimes less, and there are picture sets as well as over 1,200 bonus videos from a collection of gay feeds. I'll be honest - not much stood out for me about this site, but it could be great for new porn surfers looking to get off or start their own video collections.

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