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Unlike a lot of gay toon sites, Gay Cartoon focuses on rendered art instead of anime, although they do offer some. The largest selection of erotic art here is 3D computer-rendered art, and it covers a spectrum of semi-realistic guys and action from a business man getting a hookup on a plane to a photographer approaching a guy to model, and once in the studio, they end up sucking and fucking. There's a twink attacked by street thugs who finds a way to reward his rescuer by giving up his ass. And a guy calls a plumber, who not only fixes his pipes but gives him a serious drilling interracial-style.

There's a BDSM drawing section where you'll find huge, muscled leather men getting or giving spankings, men in cages and in tight rope bondage; there's toon fisting, a little piss action, cock and ball and more BDSM and fetish action. There are a few cowboys and Indians bondage fantasies where a helpless cowboy is suspended by his cock and balls in one pic, tied to a tree by another. And there's a lot of well-built hunks tied and tormented in a variety of dungeons. The art in this section is good, appears to have been hand-drawn, and while a lot of the pics are black and white, there are some in color as well.

Before we go further, let's talk numbers. Gay Cartoon offers 49 exclusive 3D rendered art galleries, 46 non-exclusive rendered art galleries, seven pages of BDSM drawings, one gay comic with 10 pages, and a single three-part anime series. You could consider this to be 105 sets - the site shows the number of pics for all the sections added together as having a total of 3,724 pics. While the latest news says that 15 sets were added today, the site has barely grown, having only added three pages of art in two and a half years. That makes it a pretty safe bet that the site is no longer really updating, and that some of the existing content is being re-dated to seem like new content.

Gay Cartoon offers a single 10-page gay comic. It appears to be about a couple guys hooking up in a park, but since there's no dialogue at all, it's hard to be sure what it's about. The guys start talking on a bench, buy an ice cream cone, and finally it starts to rain and they leave together, catching a cab. One of the guys seems to give the other one a gift, things seem like maybe they're turning romantic, and that's the end. There's no nudity, no descriptions, and the art isn't the greatest, either. Go figure.

The last section is a single anime story featuring a twink who has sex with a variety of people including a daddy with a stupendously-sized dick. There's not much in the way of variety, no monsters or aliens, no super heroes or any of the characters so common in Asian anime. This section offers three 30-pic sections.

Gay Cartoon members get access to a good-sized story collection with lots of variety but no toon illustrations. There's also what seems to be access to 11 gay and crossdresser bonus sites and 24 straight bonus sites from the same network, but my login didn't work for the straight sites, only the gay and crossdresser sites.

Let's talk about issues. First, while the site shows current update dates, it's added only three pages of pictures in two and a half years yet lists 15 pages of new content on the updates page. It appears the site has stopped updating but recycles the existing content so new members will think the site is still adding new stuff. There's a link to free pic sites in the bonus section that leads to an expired domain that's for sale, the same as it did two and a half years ago. There are pics at the top of the pages and on the tour that don't appear in the members area - and most of those pics are manga and anime.

Gay Cartoon offers a mix of rendered computer toons with plenty of gay sex, hot BDSM and fetish drawings featuring lots of muscled studs, a small anime collection and a mysterious 10-page comic with no nudity, dialog, or sex. While the site isn't huge, toon sites often aren't, and there is enough for the casual user to explore, although there are bigger toon sites out there. While the site misleads with the update dates, and is almost surely not adding new content, members do get access to 10 gay bonus sites. The site lacks the anime that is featured on the tour, so whether you'll like what Gay Cartoon has to offer depends on how much you like rendered art.

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