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Gay Blind Date Sex was one of the earliest "reality" style sites, and it came up with its own spin. Rather than another site with street pickups, here the site interviews a couple of guys, then introduces them and sends them on a date, following them with a camera to see what happens. Since this is a porn site, what happens is a forgone conclusion, but it's interesting giving the guys a little time to get to know each other. Some of the original videos focus on the dates more, i.e. going to dinner or ice cream, walking and getting to know each other before heading back to a motel or one of the guy's places for a little after-dinner sucking and fucking. Sometimes in the newer productions the two guys spend time being driven in a car or van where they may get things started by making out.

While most of the men here are college-age, so expect some twinks and jocks, there are some episodes featuring guys in their late twenties or early thirties, and there are a couple where daddies get together. The performers range from average (one or two are actually a bit on the homely side) to cute twinks and more masculine and handsome men, and many are guy-next-door types. While a lot of the performers come off as amateurs, there are some familiar faces, and you can expect to see a fair number of black and Latin guys, which sometimes means interracial action.

Here's a couple scenarios. Kyle is a white daddy in his early forties and Azor is a Latin guy in his twenties. The two are interviewed about sex and then they're introduced. They go out for ice cream and chat, enjoy their first kiss in the car, and then it's time to get down. Azor thoroughly services Kyle's dick, then mounts the daddy and goes for a cock ride before Kyle takes over and fucks the hungry bottom, ending on a hard missionary-style bang. Jessie and Ty's experience is more basic; they're introduced and given a ride back to the place, where Jessie sucks Ty's black cock like he can't get enough and Ty returns the favor - then it's time for a long, hard interracial fuck as white Jessie pumps Ty's ebony ass and the scene climaxes (pun intended) with the guys jerking off together.

There are 63 videos at Gay Blind Date Sex, which is a single video more than there were several years ago. The videos, however, have all been remastered so they're available in MP4 format, the downloadable versions available in a single size of 1280x720 and the streaming versions sized smaller at 720x400 but offered in three qualities (hint: go with the high-quality version). Video quality is often average, and these vids lose noticeable sharpness when enlarged, but some vids are sharper and clearer, and these enlarge to full screen better. The downloadable videos will play on most newer mobiles, but it's worth mentioning that you can only download 15 videos per month, although the site allows you to stream after you've used your allotted downloads.

Each episode includes a set of photos. These are good amateur quality digital stills sized at 533x800. The sets often have lots of posed pics of each performer before they get to the action, which they show well. The pictures can be downloaded individually or in zip files, and while there are no slideshows offered, you can navigate directly from picture to picture. There are over 100 pics in each of the sets I checked out.

Gay Blind Date Sex members get access to a good-sized gay porn network offering 11 bonus sites. You can find those sites on the "Reality Series" dropdown menu at the top of each page. There are twinks, amateurs, big cock sex, uncut cocks and more, so a decent variety of sites although not much kink. There are over 1,200 videos to download, stream, or watch on your mobiles, and while none of the sites update, that's enough videos to keep members busy.

Now the issues. First, the site doesn't update and hasn't for some time. There are two pre-checked offers on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for two additional recurring site memberships when you join Gay Blind Date Sex, and if you hit back from the billing page, you can expect a full-page pop-up. Trial members get limited access to what the network has to offer, and as already mentioned, full members are limited to 15 downloads per month throughout the network. There's a section called the "Bonus Network," but you won't find any actual bonuses there - just stuff you have to pay to enjoy fully. Last, some of the videos here could use work when it comes to quality.

Gay Blind Date Sex was one of my favorite sites back in 2010. I liked the concept of the guys going on dates, although that doesn't happen in all the videos, and the sex is hot; the bottoms seem to really love servicing cocks and getting fucked, and the tops aren't averse to sucking on dick before boning the bottoms either. The site offers 63 videos to download, stream, or watch on newer mobiles, and while the site stopped updating years ago, members get access to over 1,200 bonus videos in 11 network bonus sites. While the lack of updates is disappointing, the network offers enough content to keep you busy for the duration of your membership.

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