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If you've got a taste for stars from the days of classic porn such as Jack Wrangler and Geraldo, then you'll know what to expect from Gay Bijou. They're rolling back the years here, presenting porn from the 1970s, '80s and '90s. You're going to find guys with big hair and big dicks in this collection; American twinks and jocks, average-looking guys, men in uniform, uncut and cut guys and - of course - guys with that unmistakable '70s look. There are bearded older men appearing with smooth 20s pups with defined muscles who look like they've just dropped out of "Teen Wolf" or "Porky's." Your classic all American "boy next door" is here, blond and smooth, and there are ebony men in the movies, too. And there are '70s and '80s hunks with unshaven body hair. It's a varied cast list that's a mix of amateur and porn pros.

Bijou is one of the oldest gay movie studios, dating from 1969, and here the Porn Nerd Network has found a collection of its movies and made them available for download. This is vintage classic porn, shot on film as feature films and now transferred into digital format; of course, these were made before the coming of the condom, as it were, so, bareback scenes are mixed in with classic couple scenes and group action, too. There is some variety since you'll find a few military-themed movies, some medical examinations, a little BDSM (though not a lot), and pre-condom hardcore. Jack Deveau directs Jack Wrangler in "A Night at the Adonis" from 1978, Steve Scott directs Lee Ryder and Peter Wave in "A Few Good Men," but if you don't recognize the names, not to worry - you'll recognize the unmistakable look of these '80s porn stars.

Gay Bijou gives you 27 movie titles, broken into clips of around six or seven minutes each. One thing we can't tell you much about is updates. There is no news on updates and no upload dates are shown. Movies are available to download in WMV format, and are sized at 640x480 - each title has 10 to 16 parts. The movies are not DRM-protected, and you can save each WMV part. The quality is pretty decent considering these are old movies converted to digital, and while you can view them full screen, don't expect anything like HD or perfectly sharp visuals. There is a lot of music underscoring the scenes, and though they are decently acted, there's not always dialogue. An MP4 option is listed for each video, but all you can download from those links are small placemarkers that aren't actually videos.

To be clear, the 27 videos here are full-length feature films broken into clips. Each title I checked runs over an hour, so you're not just getting access to 27 standard porn videos - usually around 6 to 7 hours' worth. This site gives you over 27 hours of video to watch.

There are 24 image galleries, and these hold screencaps at 642x482. Galleries hold 340 pics on average, though numbers vary, and they are shown on simple thumbnail pages with easy navigation. There are no zip file downloads, but a basic slideshow lets you watch hands-free; you can also save images one at a time. The quality is what you would expect of screencaps from older videos; they're slightly blurred in action shots and not sparkling, but decent enough to let you see what's going on. The images are all taken from the movies so there are no posed model shots.

This site is part of the Porn Nerd Network, which mostly offers straight sites, but it does let you into one gay bonus site, Eros Exotica Gay. This site claims to be unique in the way it gives you sensuous gay movies which are also educational and informative. It sets out to teach new techniques while offering you some hot guys in hardcore. The site opens in a new tab and you will need your username and password to access it. You also get access to a gay DVD collection offering 270 non-exclusive, full-length (semi-modern) DVDs which you can stream or download scene by scene; there are over 1,000 scenes, so that's a neat little bonus. It doesn't appear that members of Gay Bijou get access to the straight network.

The lack of dates on the content or an update schedule is one of the issues I had with this site, not to mention the lack of information in general. There is no info about the scenes, their release dates, directors, or cast - only what you read on the tour. There is also nothing to say if or when a new scene is going to be added, so it's not to know if a recurring membership is going to be worth it. The MP4 files don't work, so you can't watch the vids on most mobiles, and there's no streaming. And on the bottom of every page is an animated ad for live cams that is very eye-catching.

One last thing that bothered me is that each movie - and these were originally theatrical releases - is only available as clips; you can't save them as full videos. Since these are feature films, there are no natural places to cut clips; you won't find a cumshot or plot conclusion on each downloaded video. You can, of course, create a playlist on your player so you can watch each movie's clips without having to go click the next clip as each one ends.

Gay Bijou's main strength is that it offers 27 full gay porn movies from the days when you had to watch porn in theaters or when VHS was new. The site presents the vids in a simple way so you can download each movie, clip by clip. But it's a basic site and gives you WMV downloads, no streaming or mobile videos. There is no info, no update news, no interactivity and basic navigation and viewing tools for vids and pics. But then, you do get some pretty horny pre-condom scenes from the '70s, '80s and early '90s, with some cute guys, some rough and hairy older men and a little bit of gay history all rolled into one.

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