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Gay Bang Boy is a reality porn site offers very hot gangbang, group sex and orgy videos which have been filmed at gay sex parties. Things get pretty wild, and there is a lot going on at any given time. The performers here are college-aged amateurs with slender to athletic bodies and an occasional more muscular guy in his late twenties, and I also found some salt-and-pepper daddies, probably in their early forties. These are average to good-looking Czech guys, and most of them have big uncut cocks. One thing you will notice is that the guys are having a great time at the parties, and their cocks are hard the entire time.

The action often starts with a horny bottom ready, willing and able to get fucked by a bunch of other guys, and they all end up sucking and fucking each other in one big orgy. The guys get it on while being watched by a live audience, and audience members sometimes join in on the action, as well. The theme of the site has been carried out very well. There's loud dance music, people drinking and laughing plus lots of hardcore bareback sex. Since everyone is jerking or sucking each other, and some guys are being fucked by lots of different guys, it's easy to miss some of the action that's going on. In my opinion, that's a good thing, because you can easily watch the videos several times and still see things you didn't notice before. There's plenty of cum flying around, as well, and lots of cum-covered bodies, messy facials and some jizz-eating fun.

Gay Bang Boy offers 54 video updates, each of which is part of one of 11 full party videos. The vids are offered in MP4 format, downloads sized at 1920x1080 at good amateur quality plus two smaller sizes for mobiles and those on slower connections. For those who'd rather watch than download the videos, they're also available to stream in three resolutions, and all three played smoothly for me on my fast cable connection. While the videos look good and play smoothly, you can expect a little jerkiness when it comes to the camera work, unsurprising as the camera is hand-held and being maneuvered around rooms full of drinking, sucking guys.

Each update comes with a picture set. In most cases these are good quality digital stills sized at a whopping 3696x2448, although I found some a little larger that weren't as sharp or clear. The thumbnail gallery for each set is found just under the video player, where the slideshows and downloadable zip files are above and to the right side of the player, and you can also download each picture individually. You can also score each episode and leave a comment if you wish.

When joining the site, you're actually joining the ClubBangBoys network, so you get access to four bonus sites; GayPublicHardcore, BoysClubForMen, BarebackBoyBanger and AllBareBacked, and altogether they add 377 bonus video updates you can download, stream and watch on your mobiles. Members also get a small collection of bonus videos. Six of them are from a gay foot fetish site, and the last video is a network video. These bonus videos aren't offered for download, but the streaming and video quality are actually pretty good. 

Now let's talk about updates. There are 23 more video updates from five more full parties than there were on our last visit over three and a half years ago, and so I'd say the site no longer adds new content. What they do, however, is recycle updates, which means that they redate old updates with new dates to make it seem that the site is currently adding new productions. How do I know this? Because we last reviewed the site in 2014 when it had content, yet the oldest video is currently dated 2016. It's not all bad, though - the site has added downloadable videos, and there are some more updates.

There are some issues you may want to be aware of. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, and if you leave it checked, you'll be signed up for a second site when you join this one. Luckily it's easy to untick. Next, while not really an issue, the join page only gives the prices in Euros, but don't worry - the billing page gives the price in Euros and U.S. dollars. As mentioned, the site is recycling updates, and each update is only part of a full scene, which makes the site seem larger than it is.

Gay Bang Boy gives you a chance to experience what goes on at wild sex parties in Prague. These college-aged amateurs and daddies touch, suck and fuck each other in big orgy sessions, and they do it in front of an audience. I like the fact that there is so much sex going on at the same time, and the guys really enjoy what they are doing. The site offers 11 full party videos broken into 54 updates, and the videos can be downloaded, streamed and viewed on your mobiles. And while the site recycles updates, members get access to four bonus sites from the network, so when you're done watching the gangbang videos, there's plenty of barebacking, old-on-younger sex and guys getting it on in public places to keep you busy.

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