Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Gay Asian Anime features colorful hunks, studs and twinks, some sporting the impossibly large cocks that is one of the reasons so many of us love toons. The hentai guys here range from slender and smooth to massively muscled, and cover a variety of anime styles, Asian and western subjects; I found sets featuring cops, bodybuilders, sailors, superheroes, businessmen and demons, among other themes. The newer art here is classic anime, with big eyes, spiky or sometimes green or blue hair and everything you'd expect. The older toon art is in a fairly modern style and most of the characters don't have that classic japanese look so popular in anime, but hentai lovers will still enjoy the pics.

Unlike some gay anime sites, you'll not only find guys kissing or capturing each other in battle, There's plenty of cock sucking, handjobs and toon asses getting fucked, as well as some truly stupendous cumshots. Expect dark, gritty street scenes, a variety of outdoor sessions, sex on the beach, on the star ship and more. There are a few sexy solos and pics of dressed toon models (usually exposing a little cock) embracing. One thing I did run into here that I've seen inside every toon site is a few pics that appear to have been drawn as females originally and then altered to flatten the chest and add a cock. Some of these now look very androgynous while a couple end up looking like toon trannies.

Gay Asian Anime offers 120 pic sets, 37 comic updates, 6 video clips and 11 stories, which is the same amount of content the site had 5 years ago, meaning that this site no longer updates. The best part of the site in my opinion - the picture sets - is found the section called Toon Sets. There are 120 picture sets here. Pics are shown at a screen size of 650x457 to 895x650 and quality is pretty good. All the pic sets here seem to be in color, and all seem to be in series that tell a mini sex story without words.

I also liked the Anime Books section. All listings are 12 pages or longer, and feature a variety of regular characters including lovers Takeshi and Yoshi, officers Ren and Katsu, who seem to have a lot of adventures and plenty of sex. And there's Ray and Laza, who have demon powers. The art here is fairly good anime, some of the larger drawings being higher in quality. The stories are in color and text is in English. There are a variety of plots and story arcs, but the art here is the draw, as well as the various sexual exploits.

Videos are found in the Anime DVDs section. These are 7 movies, most under 6 minutes, that are parts 1 through 6 of a DVD called Samurai. These are presented in streaming WMVs shown at 352x272 with a 350k bitrate. The movies can also be downloaded as high quality MPGs shown at 576x480 or MP4s for your QuickTime player or your iPod. These are the classic anime with the big eyes, spiky hair and all that good stuff. The action here is hot, the art is exactly what you would expect from an Asian anime site and the sound is good. Too bad there aren't more of them. There's one more video - oddly a live action cumshot compilation.

In addition to an erotic story section, some games and a few Flash animations, Gay Asian Anime members get access to 8 bonus sites from the same network. These sites add plenty of smut for members to enjoy, some of it Asian-specific, although none of the bonus sites offer anime or toons. Some of the sites do update, which means members will have fresh content to check out.

When it comes to issues, my main concern is that the site no longer updates; it's worth noting that the tour, however, still claims that the site updates weekly. While not precisely an issue, I was disappointed that the Animated Series section - an entertaining gay toon video feed - was removed.

I loved the comics and pic sets at Gay Asian Anime. Both sections feature art that is very Japanese in style and plenty of closeups of wet sucking and fucking. All content here is in full color, and many pics are offered in series, which was a plus. The bonuses may not deliver for true anime fans, but for the rest of us, having the sites was a nice extra, especially since this site no longer adds new content. Most of the toons here are drawn by hand and good quality. While toon sites are always a lot smaller than regular porn sites, there's enough here to make Gay Asian Anime a fun place to visit for me and for other lovers of gay hentai.

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