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Gay Amateurs Club offers a variety of types of men that are a mix of muscle hunks, college-types, jocks, twinks and average guys. There are plenty of Latinos, white men and black studs. Some are well-built, others are slender, and there are a couple sporting a few extra pounds. You'll both men with facial hair and others smoothly shaved, some with tattoos and others without. There are guys with natural body hair and others with smooth chests and abs, and cock sizes vary from average to nice and large; also some of the hung guys are big when soft while others are growers who start off smallish but once they're hard are impressively hung. While some of the performers here could be real amateurs, others appear to know their way around sex on camera and appear to have fucked or jerked off on camera before.

This site doesn't focus on a particular type of performance or sex - you'll find all sorts of action from solo stroking sessions to guys who seem to love sucking dick and getting fucked. Expect duos, lots of threesomes, and several interracial scenes featuring black guys with white or Latin men; there are also a couple black-on-black scenes and a number of Latin pairings. The videos appear to be taken from somewhat older DVD titles (think late 90s to mid-2000s), some with a bit of story line to get us into the sex, others just have the guys diving right into the action.

Gay Amateurs Club offers 77 DRM-free videos in MP4 format. Most are sized at 640x480; sometimes there's a mobile version offered, but in reality both the videos are usually the same size. There are also eight HD videos, and these are generally offered in two sizes, a larger size at 1280x720 and a smaller one at 480x270, although three different download options are indicated. The videos are compatible with most mobile devices. Each video can also be streamed in a player at 1140x858, and while the HD are sharper and clearer, smaller vids are stretched to fit the player, so they range from blurry to average for DVD rips. There's a handy graphic timeline underneath so you have smaller preview thumbs helping you decide where to jump to in the videos. Each of the videos is a full scene with an average of around 20 minutes of playback time.

While the video update dates indicate that the site adds a new video every five or six days, there's only one more video than there was 17 months ago, and back then we suspected the site was recycling content. This is now clearly the case.

There are also 276 picture sets. These pics are digital stills sized at around 600x800, and depending on the set are from average to good amateur quality. The pictures display in thumbnail galleries and while there are forward and back controls on the viewer, there's no hands-free slideshows. You can save the pictures individually or download each full set in a zip file. The pictures don't reflect the videos; in fact, they're non-exclusive, licensed, standalone sets that you may have seen on other sites.

When it comes to extras, there's a Movie Theater that offers 1,216 streaming scenes from a variety of DVDs in a wide variety of categories, and these are as older productions with varying qualities. Curiously, members used to get access to a collection of third-party video feeds, and these are still advertised on the tour, but they are missing from the member area. There were available when we last reviewed the site, but they aren't included anymore.

Let's talk about issues. As mentioned, the site re-dates older content to look like new updates, but in reality has only grown by one video in almost a year and a half. There's a pre-checked "VIP" offer on the billing page that will sign you up for membership to two additional sites if left checked. Trial members can only view 10 full-size pic sets and stream one movie, but can't download or see more content without upgrading to a full membership, and the trial recurs at $10 more per month than the regular monthly membership. The tour claims of multiple weekly updates and thousands of HD videos are wholly inaccurate - as mentioned, the site is recycling content and there are only eight HD videos. And finally, there's heaps of advertising in the member area, much of it for straight porn sites.

You won't find the men from the tour in the member area videos nor are the videos the same high quality as the images on the tour. Gay Amateurs Club doesn't really live up to its amateur theme, either. Perhaps if by amateurs one means guys who made a couple of pornos and never managed to make a name for themselves, then perhaps these are amateurs, but if one means a couple of fuck buddies firing up their camera at home and filming one of their sex sessions, then no, these aren't amateurs. And the guys on the tour are mostly white Eastern Europeans, but inside you'll find a lot of black guys who weren't on display when you were encouraged to buy a membership.

Gay Amateurs Club dresses itself up quite nicely with a slick tour and lots of cute guys, even the sample quality looks quite good. But this is all window dressing to get you to buy a membership, and once inside you'll be wondering if you joined another site by mistake. There are 77 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobile plus a collection of bonus DVD scenes and licensed pic sets, but the site completely misrepresents itself on the tour. It's not updating, and the videos you do get are older DVD scenes that I dare say could be found on many other sites. I don't say this very often when reviewing sites, but you'd probably be better off passing on Gay Amateurs Club.

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