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Gay All Access is a sort of white-label site that features all of the videos from Icon Male in a pared down site with no extras. While the content is well produced and downloadable, it's not exclusive to this site, obviously, but it is smoking hot, so join me for a look.

The guys here range from smooth, slim semi-twinks and guys in their early twenties to muscle hunks and hairy daddies. The site uses well-known porn performers including Billy Santoro, Adam Russo, Calvin Banks, Brandon Wilde, Roman Todd, Armon Rizzo, Michael Delray, Killian James, Hugh Hunter and lots more. There's the odd lesser-known performer, too - guys who are just finding their footing in Pornland. And the guys have a variety of body sizes and shapes from slim to beefy and muscular. Some of them are clean shaven, others have beards or a couple of day's worth of face scruff, and likewise they run from smooth to hairy.

The videos come from DVDs that are thoughtful and well filmed; they usually have a storyline and quite a bit of dialogue. The themes range from guys who have been caught fooling around on their lovers to fathers fucking their daughter's boyfriends of son's best friends, and lots more hot and horny themes. The videos often explore guys experiencing gay sex for the first time, but there are plenty where the men have no confusion about what they want in bed. There's lots of passionate kissing and touching, dick sucking, rimming and, of course, fucking. All of the action is condom except for four videos from a series called "Real Couples Bareback". And every scene shows the guys shooting their loads wherever they want; on themselves, each other, on asses or faces - you name it.

There are 232 DRM-free videos on Gay All Access, and they're offered in MP4 format and can be downloaded in any of seven sizes ranging from 320x178 to 1920x1080, and there are two other good-sized versions at 960x544 and 1280x720, which are good sizes for newer mobiles. The videos are very good quality productions with clear pictures, lighting and sound. You can also stream them on the site; they play at 960x544 and they're available in seven speeds. There's also a full-screen mode, and the higher quality videos fare well when enlarged.

Each scene has a description and cast listing, and you can click the performer names to find more of their scenes on the site. There's a category dropdown list where you can find movies under pre-selected themes like bisexual, closeted boyfriend, group sex, older on younger, locker room, soldier, and so on. There are a couple of dozen categories to choose from, but some like anal aren't very helpful since almost every movie has fucking. There's a pornstar dropdown, but it only shows one name, so I'm not sure what's happening there, but like I said, performer names are clickable from the episode pages.

The videos aren't dated, so I'm not sure how often the site updates. However, comparing the offering with Icon Male, I see that the newest release is the same on both of them, so I'm pretty sure Gay All Access is updating weekly. Regardless, there's a good selection of videos to keep you entertained.

All there any drawbacks? Well, it is a pared down site, so there aren't any picture galleries, bonus sites or extras. Joining the site automatically adds you to an email list, but there should be a way to opt out once the first email arrives. Despite the site name, Gay All Access, which would indicate you get access to more stuff - say bonus sites or feeds - there are no extras or bonuses and no picture galleries here. And as a reminder, this content can be seen with pictures on the original site, Icon Male, and is also available on another site from this company, Gay Super Porn.

Gay All Access is a portal to some well-produced content with all kinds of guys ranging from near twinks to daddies. There are 232 videos for you to enjoy and you can download them in seven sizes (the smaller are good for most mobiles), and you can stream them on the site, too. There aren't any major issues here, and it's likely the site is updating once a week, and there's enough content here to keep your dick hard during your membership. I like these videos, which have story lines, as they're well produced and the sex is really hot - and so are the guys.

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