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Gay Access is an online gay porn library which offers a nice amount of videos in various niches. The scenes have been pulled from full length DVDs. The site does not focus on one theme; both the performers as well as the types of action are very diverse. Whether you are into white college guys, Asian twinks, sexy Latinos or muscular black guys, you will find them all. The majority of the guys seem to be in their twenties and thirties, but there are plenty of mature guys and daddies, too. Most of them are average to good-looking amateurs.

Of course, there are a great number of jerk off videos and hardcore duos, but even fans of a little more kinky stuff, such as double penetration, fisting, spanking and bondage, will find some of what they are looking for. Other categories on this sites include big cocks, raunchy bareback action, twinks, chubby men and gangbangs. You get the idea; there is much to explore, so let's have a look at the member area.

At the time of this review, Gay Access offers a whopping 4646 scenes inside the members area. Those are full scenes that have been pulled from 1077 DVDs. You can either browse through the full-length DVDs or the separate scenes. The site used to update daily; they added 59 DVD titles last month, but there have been no updates so far this month (Oct 2014) or the last 7 days of last month, and today is the 14th. Since the DVD section grew but not as much as daily updates would lead one to expect, I suspect that some updates were recycling existing content where others were DVD titles newly added to the site.

All videos are free of DRM and can be downloaded to your computer in several different sizes. Most of them are available in four MP4 sizes, the largest one shown at 640x480 or 640x360, while the smallest version has been optimized for use on mobile devices and plays at a smaller size. For some of the videos, there's also a WMV version, which also plays at 640x480.

You can also choose to stream the videos online. Again, there are three different qualities, so you can pick the one that works best with your internet connection. The player has a default size of 785x590, but you can easily enlarge the videos to a bigger size. While not every video has the same quality, on average I would say that the visuals are pretty good and the sound is clear.

Each scene comes with a set of screencaps. On average, there are 50 pictures in a set and they show at a size of 720x480. They open in a Flash based viewer and while you can browse from one picture to the next, there is no hands-free sideshow. Unfortunately you can't download the pictures altogether in a zip file, either.

There are also 1269 picture galleries, only 2 more than there were at the time of our last review. There are between 10 and 120 photos in each gallery and this time you can watch them in a hands-free slideshow and there's even a possibility to download entire sets in just one click. The images are available in three different sizes, of which the largest one shows at a size of 1600x1067.

Full members get free access to some bonuses. First, there are six more sites from the same owners, but these sites are all part of the same network and the videos from these sites can already be found inside Gay Access. Then, there is an area called "bonus sites". These are actually video feed versions of 15 different sites including Fratmen, Treasure Island and Jake Cruise. Members also get access to six more networks, but one of them is a tranny network and the rest only have straight content. While you do get a lot of free stuff, the feeds are the only ones suited for those looking for gay content.

When you decide to join this site, please be aware that trial memberships will only give you limited access. There's also a pre-checked offer on the billing page; uncheck that box if you don't want to sign up for another site membership. The trial membership recurs at a full $15 more than the cost of a regular recurring monthly members. There is a link that leads to a dating site and one that leads to a video chat site, but for both of these services, you would need to pay extra to make full use of them.

Gay Access is like an all-you-can-eat gay porn buffet. The site hosts 4646 scenes from 1077 DVDs and more than 1000 photo galleries, and the while the site had been updating with several new videos every day, there have now been no updates in 21 days - we'll check back and let you know what we find. Full members get access to several video feeds and more porn networks. There is a wide variety when it comes to the performers and the action in the videos. I bet it would be hard to not find something, you'll be interested in. Since Gay Access has so much content, it is very unlikely that even the most experienced porn lovers have seen it all.

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