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GayVirt is a gay porn network featuring VR (virtual reality) porn offering a mix of suck and fuck hardcore (including some bareback) and hot solos. There are 109 videos to download or stream on a variety of devices that play VR, and the vids work with all sorts of VR apps. 1 to 2 weekly updates, lots of porn stars.

GayVirt is a VR (virtual reality) gay porn network that offers all sorts of hot sex and horny guys from amateurs and porn regulars to porn stars including Alex Mecum, Josh Milk, Micah Brandt, Wesley Woods, Trenton Ducati and Zander Cole. There are muscle hunks, some hot daddies and at least a couple cute and boyish twinks. You'll find smooth guys, hairy men and some with tattoos, and there are some very well hung performers, as well. And there are lots of guys with beards and facial hair.

There's a mix of hardcore and solo action including plenty of guys sucking cock, fucking, cock-riding, and there's a handful of threesomes, a few scenes that end with facial cumshots and some bareback sex, although most of the hardcore uses condoms. A lot of the guy/guy videos are POV, which works especially well with VR porn The solos including lots of guys fingering their asses while they stroke their cocks; a few use anal toys and a couple of the performers masturbate in the shower.

The videos I watched all had good head tracking, so if you turn your head down, you'll be looking lower in the video as if you were in the room. Look left, right or up and the same applies, so if you want to see a guy's cock instead of his face, just look down and there it is.

GayVirt is a network of five sites that has you use credits to buy the video or videos that interest you. It offers 109 VR vids in DRM-free MP4 format. The videos can be downloaded for a variety of VR devices and apps including oculus, Vive, Gear VR, Daydream, Cardboard and Playstation VR, and they're all available in one to four sizes for the older videos and five to six sizes for the newer. The largest new videos are sized at 2160x1080 or larger, the smallest vids display at 872x436 at your choice of 30 or 60 fps, so they'll be fastest to download, and they'll also play well on phones. The older videos are smaller and sometimes lower in quality. For those who prefer not to download, you can also stream the videos.

Each video comes with pics. First are the digital stills sized at 800x1200 or 1000x563 at good quality, and these are shown in a strip under each video's player that shows the first four photos. Click one to enlarge it, and you'll be able to scroll to the rest one at a time. The pictures can be individually downloaded, but there are no hands-free slideshows or downloadable zips. There's also a link under the strip that says "See Full Screenshots List". Click this and you are taken to a page that shows all the screencaps from the video on a single large graphic that also includes tech info about the video at the top. The screencaps are sized at about 415x366, and while they're not clickable, each has the exact time it was taken from in the video.

Up till last week the site had been updating five to six times per month; last week one update was a day late but it was followed by another update two days later to make up for it. Also while there are five sites listed, only two of the sites - Virtual Real Gay and VRB Gay - have added new videos in over a year. One of the sites - Dominic Ford - has no videos listed at this time even though standalone version of the site has plenty of videos.

Gay Virt offers their own virtual reality app. I admit that I didn't try it, and I'm not entirely sure why anyone would need it as all the VR apps I tried worked fine with the videos. It appears that if you use Oculus, what you're watching may be available to your friends and this says they offer anonymity, but with most VR apps you don't even have to log into in order to be able to watch. There may be other advantages, so you might want to read about it on their app page.

Instead of a category list, the site has a row of Positions you can choose from; Sitting, Laying, Leaning and Standing. These don't list all the videos for each position, however. You can also choose to list only videos offered in 3D, 4K, 2K, POV and 60 fps; there's also a 360 degree option, but there are only three 360 degree vids. Most of the videos offer 180 degrees, which is still pretty good stuff. While the model names on the videos aren't clickable, there are tags for things like Bareback, Cumshots, Blow job, Doggy style, Hardcore, Muscle male, Tattoo and so on, and since there's no category list, the tags come in very handy.

Now let's talk about issues. First is the pre-checked email offer on the join page; unlike pre-checked email offers elsewhere, this one is required in order to create your account. There's a row of thumbs that runs across all the listing pages that are actually an ad for live cams. There's no model pages nor is there info about the models or profiles. And here's one I haven't seen before; the search box in the member area is a mainstream search, so when I used it to search for Trenton, instead of showing me Trenton Ducati's listing, it showed me hotels and real estate listings in Trenton, New Jersey, and when I searched for Ducati, it should be motorcycles.

GayVirt offers hot gay VR porn featuring some hot porn stars, daddies, hunks, amateurs and a couple twinks. You'll find some barebacking, plenty of blowjobs, fucking, a couple threesomes plus hot solos that sometimes include ass fingering and sex toys. There are 109 videos to download or stream as you watch on your VR app or device, and the site updates once to twice weekly. While everything isn't perfect, I like what the GayVirt has to offer - hot gay sex and stroke sessions you can walk like you're right there in the room!

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