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Have you ever tried to seduce a straight guy? I bet most of us have tried at least once. Game For Gay is all about the game of enticing straight guys into bed and have sex with them. The guys here receive an assignment and need to find a specific type of guy and get it on with him in order to complete the challenge. Have sex with a tourist, seduce a taxi driver or find a hot bartender to fuck your ass. Those are just a few of the challenges the gay guys here have to complete. It's a fun and entertaining concept. We haven't been inside the site for almost three years, so let's see what's happening.

I would say that most of the performers are in their twenties with looks that range from average to very hot. Most of the guys have muscular and athletic bodies, while some of them are a little beefier and others more slender. The majority of them have bigger-than-average dicks, which is always a plus, and since the scenes are filmed in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, the guys have juicy uncut cocks. I recognize a few of them as porn regulars, but others are fresh faces - or at least they were when the scenes were shot.

In one of the videos called "Giving the Taxi Driver a Ride," tall, gay guy Ricky is given his assignment to seduce a cab driver. The 22-year-old heads out and finds a cute blond cabbie at the taxi stand twirling his car keys. Ricky approaches and the two talk. I can't tell you what they say because they speak in Czech and there are no subtitles, but after a couple of minutes they're walking back to Ricky's place. And once inside, the taxi driver doesn't need much convincing to squat and gulp Ricky's big cock. He's pretty eager to sit on it, too. Ricky fucks him in a couple of positions and cums all over the cabbie's beautiful ass.

All the episodes are duos and contain hardcore action including deep-throat cock sucking, extensive rimjobs, and deep ass plowing. Some of the scenes also contain messy facials and other forms of cumplay. Each one has the producer talking to the gay bait and introducing his assignment, then the guy heads off. I love how the hunt for straight guys is part of the videos, which usually starts somewhere on the street or in other public areas. The guys speak Czech, although the producer often speaks English with the guy getting the assignment; still, subtitles would be nice so we could follow along at the beginning to see how the guys are seducing these straight guys into bed.

Game For Gay has 17 exclusive, good quality videos, and they haven't added a new one since we reviewed it three years ago when it was a new site. Each video is downloadable in several sizes and formats. There are two sizes of WMV, the bigger one at 1920x1080. There is a smaller MPEG video, which plays at 768x432 and a mobile-optimized MP4 file, which shows at a size of 480x270. The videos are DRM-free, which means you can keep watching the ones you've downloaded to your computer even after your membership has expired. If you prefer to watch the videos online, you can stream them at 770x433, but you can easily enlarge the screen without losing too much on the quality.

Every episode comes with a set of good quality digital stills sized at 1200x800. The images are well lit and show the action well with plenty of close-ups. There is no slideshow and clicking thumbs opens the photos in a new browser tab. You can easily download the pic sets in zip files, and you can also save individual pictures if you like. One thing I wasn't thrilled about is that each gallery consists of a single page, and since there are around 300 photos per set, this makes for some very long pages. The pictures feature lots of duplicate poses and really could have been pared back to the best 100 or so.

As a full member of Game For Gay, you get access to two bonus sites, Gay Snare and My BF Gay, that you'll find these listed under "Friendly Sites" on the navbar. These sites are operated by the same company and offer a similar amount of content, again with hot guys from Prague. Gay Snare features girls surprising their blindfolded boyfriends with gay sex and My BF Gay has girls walking in on their boyfriends fucking another guy.

There are some issues you'll want to know about. Trial members can only view a single video, and will need to upgrade to a full membership to watch the rest of the videos. Also note that there are pre-checked offers on the billing page (there were two this time when I visited), and leaving these options checked will sign you up for paid memberships to two additional sites when you join Game For Gay. There's a page called "next exclusive updates" which currently shows no updates, not surprsing since - as I mentioned - the site hasn't updated in almost three years.

Game For Gay is a fun site that features gay guys trying to have sex with straight guys. Many of the guys here, both gay and straight, have big uncut cocks, and they're a mix of porn regulars and newcomers. There are 17 videos inside the member area to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and you get access to two bonus sites in the same network. Unfortunately this site doesn't update, but there's enough horny Czech guys and action in the network to keep you entertained for a month.

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