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Fuck You Cracker is a brand new site featuring white guys going on job interviews and discovering that the available position is on their knees servicing a big black cock. Where do I apply? These reality-style videos are filming point-of-view style (POV), and the interviewer likes to run his nasty mouth and abuse these boys verbally. And who doesn't like seeing any guy struggling with a nine inch dick? Let's get inside and see what this site has to offer.

The guys on Fuck You Cracker are white and appear to be in their early to mid-twenties. Most of them are clean shaven, although there is one redneck with a bushy beard, and a couple of guys with a bit of face scruff. The guys are in good shape with slender or athletic bodies, mostly smooth, but there weren't any that I'd actually call muscular. Are they all first-timers like the site claims? No. I recognized one ginger guy from a number of other productions on smaller sites, but aside from that, most of the guys seemed to be fresh faces. All I can tell you about the black top in these videos is that he seems to be the same guy with a chiseled, smooth body and a sleeve of tattoos down one arm, and he's packing a big cock that appears to be around nine inches. He's also got heaps of attitude.

Toby's session is pretty typical of what you'll find here. He's a geeky-looking white guy in his early twenties who's wearing a chinstrap beard. He enters the office, sits down at the desk and a gruff voice starts barking questions. He asks the interviewee his height and age, then tells him to stand and pull up his shirt. "Let me see what you're working with". Toby stammers that he's not gay, but he needs the money bad. "You ready to be abused?" the interviewer asks. Toby is confused, so the man clarifies: "Get over here and suck my big black cock." Toby gags on that huge rod, gasps, and sputters with spit slobbering out of his mouth. Then he's ordered to bend over the desk and the black man slides his huge raw cock inside Toby's ass. We never see the top's face as the session is filmed POV (point of view) style. The man berates Toby, calling him a cracker and his white bitch and makes him say things like "I like my job" and "I love your big black cock." The session ends with Toby on his knees getting his face creamed.

Fuck You Cracker offers 11 exclusive videos in MP4 format. You can download them in four sizes from 640x360 to 1920x1080, and they're good amateur quality productions. The smaller sizes are compatible with most mobiles. You can also stream the videos in a player offering two different sizes (640x360 and 856x480) and there's a full-screen option, as well; the videos don't lose much quality at all. There's also an option that allows you to play the videos in a pop-up window at around 640x360 and these can be enlarged with full-screen mode, as well.

Each episode has a gallery of screencaps that display at 1280x720. The pics are decent quality and you can view them in thumbnail galleries on the site where you can save them individually or you can download each set in a zip file. There are around 800 pictures or more in each set, however they really could have pared these down as there are a lot of similar poses. There's no hands-free slideshow option here.

The videos are dated, but the update schedule takes a bit of explaining. The latest two videos seem to indicate that Fuck You Cracker is updating every Sunday, but the remaining nine videos were added to the site between February and July of 2016 when the site was pre-launch. A site representative says they'll be updating weekly, so we'll have to come back in a few weeks and verify that.

There are a few drawbacks here. First, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that'll commit you to second recurring membership in addition to the one for Fuck You Cracker if you leave it selected. Second, if you buy the one-day trial membership you'll end up paying $10 more on the monthly amount if you decide to stay, although the trial is a full membership. The member area shows what look like bonus sites, but they're not - you'll need to join each site separately.

There's a lot of advertising once you log into the members area. First, you have to bypass a full-page ad when you log in, then there are a number of banners (some disguised as content) for live cam sites as well as other sites run by this same production company. There are even animated banners playing beside the streaming video player, which I found distracting, but you can remedy this problem by selecting the option to watch the videos in a pop-up player or in full-screen mode, or just download them. There are a couple join page claims worth mentioning. The site says it won a porn award in 2015, but it's just launching in September of 2016. And they say their videos are shot in 4k, but they're offered to members in HD, not 4k.

Fuck You Cracker is a gay interracial sex site with the tried and tested theme of guys finding out this job interview entails a lot more than talking about their job experience. We never see the man conducting the interviews except when we watch these white guys sucking his big black cock, and we get a better view of his body when he fucks their asses. If you like reality themes and POV filming, this site will satisfy you both ways, and of course who doesn't like seeing a bottom riding a nine inch black dick? The videos are available to download, stream and view on your mobiles, and the site is scheduled to update weekly. While Fuck You Cracker is a small site, it's off to a good start.

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