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Fuck Off Guys is one of the sites produced by Seth and Aaron, the guys who created Suck Off Guys and Bareback Place, part of the Seth Chase network. Like their other sites, Fuck Off Guys features amateur men in hardcore gay sex, and this time the focus is on fucking. It's been a while since our last review, so a revisit is long overdue.

Seth Chase and Aaron French are a pair of real-life lovers who not only produce the site but also get to have sex with some of the guys appearing in it. They take turns, one holding the camera while the other plays with the talent. They're good looking and bearded; Seth is primarily a top, although he bottoms, as well, and Aaron bottoms. They're both packing a nice-sized dicks.

The other guys appearing on this site are always amateurs who are often straight, but there are some bisexual and gay guys, as well, and they range throughout their twenties and maybe early thirties. The men are not perfectly plucked and pumped; they're sporting slender to athletic bodies, with little, if any manscaping. You'll find a good mix of hairy and smooth guys, and quite a few are sporting tattoos. A couple of the guys are almost twinks, but not quite, and the rest are just regular dudes like your neighbor or the guy who does your car repairs.

Episodes usually start off with a getting-to-know-you session with Seth or Aaron talking to the guys. Rocco is a rough-looking guy sporting chin scruff and a mess of tattoos over his shoulder, he's bisexual and says that his wife likes watching him have sex with guys. He regales us with a couple of stories of a threeway with his wife and another guy and another where his wife watched him and another guy fucking. In this scene, Aaron blows Rocco until he's hard, then bends over the bed and gets fucked through a butt hole in his jeans.

Aaron bottoms in several more videos while Seth fucks a few guys and bottoms once, and in a handful of the videos they pair up a couple of guys and let them go at it without them. Some of the fucking is bareback while some uses condoms, and there are lots of cummy facials, which are a real turn-on.

When first logging in you are taken to the network home page. You can choose to view all the network videos or just the ones from Fuck Off Guys. There are 23 videos at Fuck Off Guys, and these are in MP4 format with two downloadable sizes; one at 960x540 and the other, which is best suited to mobiles, at 640x360. The videos are decent quality, but they weren't shot on pro gear. I found the downloadable versions had better picture quality than the streaming versions, and as a result the streaming versions lose some quality in full-screen mode. Sound is okay, and lighting, while not professional, is good enough that you'll have no problem catching all the action.

Most, but not all, episodes comes with two sets of photos - a set of digital stills and a gallery of screencaps. The digital stills are shown at between 960x720 and 960x1015 at good amateur quality, although some of the newer sets are just a hair over-sharpened. The screencaps are sized at 960x540 and are pretty decent quality for screencaps. The galleries don't include features like downloadable zip files or slideshows, but you can save individual photos by right-clicking on each pic's thumb and saving as.

Now let's talk extras. Fuck Off Guys members get access to content from four other network sites - Suck Off Guys, Bareback Place, Guys on Video and Cum Club, and you can access these from the dropdown menu on the navigation bar. There are also outtakes, auditions and bonuses, but these seem to be some of the same videos as the main videos, just organized differently. There's also a section called the "Vault" where you'll find 54 older videos from three of the sites, although not from Fuck Off Guys. It's worth mentioning here that none of the sites (including Fuck Off Guys) update except for the brand-new and not even launched Cum Club.

Does the site have any issues beyond the lack of updates? One of the videos, a "best of" video, is not offered for download, and there are three more network videos that are also not offered for download. I would have liked to see model info and profiles for the guys, and the model index is a network index for all the site rather than just for Fuck Off Guys. The video quality, while acceptable, could be better.

Fuck Off Guys and the bonus sites are no longer updating, although there's enough to keep you entertained for the month of your membership. One thing I found slightly annoying is that the member Home link takes you to all of the network videos instead of just Fuck Off Guys, so you have to continually sort them using the navigation bar. Also I can't see the reason to have a separate section for "archives" if those videos are also included with the regular video listings. I would have liked to see a model index with profiles for the guys, and video quality, which acceptable, could be better.

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