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Fuck Flixx brings together videos from a couple of different production companies called Pitbull Productions and Thug Porn. The guys here are black with a few Latinos, and even fewer blatinos, and they range in their twenties with the models sporting smooth athletic or gym-fit bodies. You'll find inked guys (a handful quite heavily so and likewise some of the guys are mostly clean shaven while others wear chin scruff, goatees, a soul patch, or a mustache. Plenty of the performers have shaved heads, short hair, or various kinds of braids like cornrows, and you'll see lots of baseball caps, bandannas, sweat bands, and do-rags. A lot of the models seem to be going for the thug look, but not all or even most do. Also, I recognized a couple of performers like Marc Williams, Supreme, and, of course, Tiger Tyson.

Of the 166 videos on the site, there are 10 threeways and 6 solo jack-off sessions; the rest are duos with the guys jacking their dicks together, kissing, sucking, eating ass, fucking, and of course blowing their wads on each other. There are quite a few outdoor scenes, but most of the action happens in hotels and homelike settings like kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. Most of the action is black-on-black, but since there are also Latino guys on the site, you'll find some interracial fucking, too.

There are 166 videos on Fuck Flixx, but they're not offered for download. Videos are streamed on the site in a Flash player at mostly 640x420, but a few at 480x420. These are amateur productions and many of them play well, but some are poor quality with interlacing (jagged lines), picture quality that isn't crisp, or poor sound. This is probably because a lot of this stuff is 3 to 5 years old. And while there is a full-screen mode, there's noticeable degradation in quality. Each video comes with 5 to 9 pictures that enlarge to around 400x600, but some are as big as 800 pixels on the long side. They're a mix of average quality screencaps and digital stills. There's no slideshow feature or downloadable zip file, but you can save them individually.

The site claims to update weekly, but the "newest update" was added back in June 2013. This site is one of three run by porn performer Tiger Tyson, and none of them has updated in two years. In fact, the tour also claims to have exclusive content, but I identified several that were shared between the sites. I didn't do an exhaustive search, but I suspect there's a lot of sharing between these sites. The tour claims of hundreds of videos and thousands of pictures are exaggerated. The tour cleverly says that you'll have the "ability" to have live video chats with the "hottest thugz around," and this is basically true - you can talk to them, but at a third-party site requires you to purchase credits to see the guys naked or have more intimate encounters with them. And I wouldn't really call these models thugs.

Fuck Flixx is a basic site featuring videos of horny black guys in their twenties in suck and fuck action. There are a variety of types from athletic guys to more muscular men and you'll even find lots of thug types here, too, as well as some Latinos and blatinos. Lots of big dicks and creamy conclusions to these encounters, but the 166 videos aren't always the best quality and aren't offered for download. There aren't any extras here, but the site doesn't cost a lot to join - and there is plenty of black cock.

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