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Free Gay Porn Access offers a variety of guys, most in their twenties, including white, Latin and black amateurs and studs. There are slender, average and some well-built men, some smooth and others hairy. They're mostly clean-shaven, and most are regular Joes when it comes to looks, although there are some good-looking performers, as well. While the site rarely identifies them, most of the guys are porn regulars who have appeared in a number of videos during their porn careers but aren't particularly famous. Still, you might find some familiar faces.

The action in the videos is mostly guys sucking cocks and fucking, with some rimming, threesomes and 69ing in the mix. You'll find a couple black-on-white interracial scenes, outdoor sex and guys getting it on in the showers. There are also a few horny amateurs stroking their dicks on camera. The picture sets also mostly solo guys, but there are a few hardcore sex scenes.

The free section of Free Gay Porn Access offers 47 DRM-free videos in MP4 format. The downloadable versions are mostly sized between 480x360 to 640x360, although I did find one at 852x480 so there could be other sizes. Video quality is average and the vids lack sharpness, which isn't surprising since these aren't recent productions. Since they're not all that large, the downloadable videos are compatible with most mobiles. And for those who don't want to download the vids, streaming versions are available in a large player at around 1140x856, but the original videos have been stretched to fit the player, so expect a lack of sharpness and clarity.

The site also offers 40 picture sets. Some of the sets offer good amateur quality digital stills sized up to 1667x2500, while other sets have what may be better-than-average screencaps or smaller digitals. I didn't check every set, however, so you may find additional sizes. The galleries can be viewed with picture to picture navigation, but there's no hands-free slideshow. Pic sets can be downloaded in zip files or you can save just the pics you want individually.

There is a VIP section is where most of the content the tour talks about can be found. It gives members access to another 646 videos and 1,452 picture sets, but they're no better quality and aren't in any larger sizes than the regular section. Still, there's a lot more content to be found there. There's also a movie theater with another 1,216 videos. This VIP section is only available to full paying members, not the free membership that enticed you inside, however it's not clearly stated, and the site's terms and conditions are convoluted.

Let's talk about your sign-up options before we get into the videos. You join the site by signing up for a free lifetime membership, and the tour makes amazing claims including multiple weekly updates, free lifetime access including both downloads and streaming with no download restrictions, and access to ten bonus sites. It also includes 17 bonus feeds and a DVD theater with 1000s of videos. Unfortunately there's a lot of fine print conditions and restrictions here, and I'll talk about those in a minute.

Is there a catch with the lifetime free membership? There a small pre-checked offer on the billing page called the "Elite Membership"; if you read the asterisk at the bottom of the page you'll discover that the offer signs you up for a seven-day trial for another and a 10-day membership for a third. You also agree to a a two-day trial for a third site, and this isn't part of the Elite Membership - it's part of what you agree to when you join the site.
And each of these offers rebills at over $35 a month, this means if you don't untick the pre-checked offer and cancel the third membership it will cost over $105 per month in cross sells. By the way, if you cancel, you still get to keep the free unlimited membership.

There are some more issues to be aware of. First, while the update dates indicate that the site is currently adding new content, it has the exact number of videos it did when we reviewed the site 18 months ago. This means the site is recycling existing content by removing videos from the site, then adding them again later as new updates. There's a pre-checked email offer on the join page, so if you don't want to receive emails, you'll want to uncheck that. Be aware that your credit card will be pre-authorized when signing up for the free membership. And it's worth mentioning that the bottoms of the member area pages not only has tons of advertising, but that some of those ads are straight.

The tour makes promises including multiple weekly updates, "1000's of HD movies & pics", and offers a mobile version of the site. None of these are accurate as the site recycles updates, the videos in the site itself aren't HD, and there aren't thousands of them unless you pay to upgrade your membership. Also the quality of the thumbs on the tour is higher than what you'll find in the member area, and you won't find all those cute twinks inside, either. The tour offers bonus sites, but there are none I could find in the member area. Also, the site used to have 17 third-party video plugins, but they're gone now.

I have mixed feelings about Free Gay Porn Access. While the action in some of the videos is hot, and many of the guys are hard and horny, the 47 videos are mostly smallish; while that means they're mobile compatible, they're small because they're mostly from the late 90s and early 2000s and look it, and updates are recycled. Membership is free if you are savvy enough to untick the pre-checked offer and cancel the included bundled membership. And even then, the site is small, content quality is just so-so, and chances are good that after a couple visits to the site, you won't be using your lifetime membership often.

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