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Frats Gone Gay focuses on college jocks and frat boys, and even more about their hazing rituals and parties. The site claims that these are all real amateur videos from real frat houses and starring straight college boys. The guys are in their early twenties and most of them are in good shape. With just a few exceptions, the guys here are white Americans.

Most of the action is group sex, but you will find some duos and threesomes, too. Some guys jerk each other off, others suck dick for the very first time, and some of them even get fucked. They are usually being forced into doing stuff with other guys. Since the videos are about hazing rituals, you can expect lots of pranks, humiliation, edging, lots of screaming and drill instructions and, of course, plenty of booze. One thing that I noticed is that many of the guys have limp dicks though, which makes sense if they're actually straight.

There is some female nudity in some of the videos, as the girls often try to make these guys horny and then convince them to have gay sex with each other. While the girls are very present, they don't actively join in on the action. Whether the videos are real or not, the site really does create the right atmosphere, and the build-ups to the real action are worth watching for that reason.

Frats Gone Gay offers 77 videos and the most recent video was added more than two years ago, so it's safe to assume that this site is no longer updating. Interestingly enough, the member area is the exact same member area as Haze Him, another site from the same company, and the site the content was originally shot for.

When it comes to downloads, there are several options to choose from. There are 4 sizes of MP4 videos, of which the largest plays at 1280x720, and the smallest MP4 is optimized for use on mobile devices. There is also a WMV version, which plays at 852x480. The videos are good amateur quality with clear sound; they are free of DRM protection, which means that they are yours to keep once you have downloaded them to your computer. The streaming videos come in MP4 format as well, and they can be watched in a Flash-based video player in three sizes and qualities. The largest one plays at 980x520, but you can enlarge the player to full-screen mode and you won't lose too much in terms of quality.

Picture fans are being well served here as Frats Gone Gay offers both digital stills and screencaps for every episode. The digital stills are of good quality and are available nice and large at 2000x1333. The screencaps are lesser but still decent quality and are available in 720x406. There are hundreds of pictures in a set, which makes them a bit repetitive, but they still make good viewing. While there is no hands-free slideshow, you can download the zip files and you also save individual images.

Frats Gone Gay is part of Big Daddy, which is actually an umbrella site for 11 reality-style gay porn sites, including Out In Public. While the network makes it appear that members also get access to a DVD archive and the famous Bait Bus, in reality members must pay extra to access those sites. There is a link which leads to a webcam section, but you would need to buy additional credits to make full use of this service.

Lets talk about the issues. First, the site has not been updated in more than two years, and the other potential issue is that this site's member area is actually the member area for another site, Haze Him. Be careful when you decide to sign up, as there is a pre-checked box on the join page that will sign you up for a recurring trial to another site. Trial members get only limited access to the site's content and bonuses, and trial members also pay a full $20 more per month than those who started off with the regular monthly membership. It's worth reading the terms and conditions before joining.

Frats Gone Gay delivers entertaining frat party and hazing ritual videos. The guys are college age boy-next-door types, and most of them are in good shape. The action is hot and the site has done a great job sticking to the theme of the site. While the site no longer updates, there are 77 videos which you can either watch online or download to your own computer in various qualities and sizes, and each can also be played on most mobiles. The biggest catch here is that in reality the member area is actually the member area for Haze him, but if you've never been a member of either site, the action and the guys here definitely deliver the frat house / dorm room feel.

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