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Unfortunately it's not been possible to get access to update this review, which means this information might be a bit out of date.

FratMen was well known for featuring gorgeous and mostly straight jocks with incredible bodies, but the action was limited to solo jack-off sessions. So the company branched out with FratMen Sucks, bringing us the same quality of guys but now featuring them in man-to-man contact. Here you'll find hot college-aged jocks giving each other handjobs and sucking each other's cocks.

The models here are attractive and well built with defined physiques but not overly muscular. You'll see lots six-pack abs, hard pecs, and biceps, gorgeous asses and the kind of looks you find in mainstream male models. They guys range throughout their twenties and most sport smooth and ink-free bodies, but you'll still see some treasure trails, furry patches between chiseled pecs, or a tattoo here and there.

In one video I watched, a guy named Cole runs the shower, strips out of his t-shirt and underwear, and gets under the spray. The sound of shower wakes Flynn, and he strokes his cock in bed for a minute then heads into the washroom. "How'd you sleep last night?" he asks, peeling off his wife beater and joining Cole in the large walk-in shower. There's no pretense here, showering together is no big deal -- it's as if they do this every morning. They lather their cocks and take turns blowing each other, then they shut off the water and towel each other dry. Back in bed, they stroke one another's cocks, do a bit more sucking, then return to their side-by-side handjobs. Cole finally senses Flynn is close and releases his big cock, Flynn finishes himself off and blows jizz on his furry belly. Cole keeps his eyes focuses on his own hard-on, but when Flynn is finished unloading, he watches Cole's thick erection pump out thick streams of cum.

The scenes happen all over the house - in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and sometimes the guys go at it in the gym or out by the pool. And if you like watching guys playing around in the shower, there's a lot of under-the-spray action, as well as sucking and stroking in the bathtubs and hot tubs. Most of the action is guy-on-guy duos, but there are a handful of threeways, and while I didn't see any anal sex, there are a couple of videos where the guys shove sex toys up each other's butts. Production values are pretty good, and the actual camera work captures the action well, especially those lively cumshots.

FratMen Sucks offers 113 exclusive videos, which is five less than when we last reviewed the site in August 2014. The videos are now available in streaming MP4 format and they play at either 544x308 or 546x410. Video quality ranges from fairly good amateur to good, although some of the scenes could be lit better. There is a full-screen mode available and the videos mostly fare well, although some are disappointing.

The site has changed quite a bit since our last review. FratMen Sucks stopped updating before our last visit and it's still not adding any new content. Since then, they have also discontinued downloads; rather than being included in your membership, you have to pay an additional $5.95 for any of the videos you'd like to download. The site no longer has pictures either, although there are 18 thumbnails on each episode's page to help preview the action. These cannot be enlarged or saved, but do give you a synopsis of what happens in the video.

While the FratMen Sucks membership doesn't come with any extras, if you purchase the FratMen ALLaccess membership, you'll also get access to some bonus sites. Along with the FratMen Sucks videos, you can enjoy the entire archive of 470 FratMen jack-off videos. For a while, FratMen was running live shows and these archives are also on the site, although there aren't any new shows happening. Frat Pad is a house where a number of jocks lived and you could watch them live on cameras all over the house. At the end of September 2015, Frat Pad announced there were no new live shows scheduled and it appears that no one is living in the house, although you have two healthy archives of full-length shows (running three to four hours each) and pared down shows showing an hour's worth of highlights.

Now let's talk about membership options. You can join FratMen Sucks for a month or 120 days or you can join using the FratMen ALLaccess option, which gives you access to all the videos in all the FratMen sites, but there's a big caveat: If you get the ALLaccess pass via FratMen Sucks, it costs $20.95 more than if you join the same pass via the FratMen site itself.

My final complaint involves the branding madness and upsells; it's a case study in carrying branding to an absurd extreme. With FratMen, FratMen.TV, FratMen Live, Frat Pad, and Frat Pad PPV, the site is confusing - every click encourages you to spend more buying downloads or joining things that aren't included. Or were they included? The ALLaccess pass - does it really give ALL access? Who knows? I'm sure all the branding makes sense to FratMen, but they're alone in their grasp of it.

FratMen Sucks delivers some of the hottest college-aged jocks around in mutual jacking off, handjobs and dick sucking sessions. The site offers 113 exclusive videos from FratMen Sucks, and while it's no longer updating, there's plenty of bonus content here to keep you going for a while if you get the ALLaccess pass; if you get the regular FratMen Sucks membership, those 113 videos are what you get. For those who love athletic and well-built straight guys, watching them pleasuring each other can be quite titillating. If you can live without updates and downloads, you should find lots of steamy videos to watch here.

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