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FraternityX launched back in 2011 amid a spate of college dorm and hazing sites featuring guys in naked horseplay and horny gangbang action. As it turned out, Fraternity X is the best and one of the few that updates with any regularity. What stands out is that they say the site is actually created by a particular fraternity in an Arizona state university where the dorm guys do all the of the filming themselves. The guys say the site is a way of putting themselves through college; these college boys love drinking, sucking cock, and fucking ass with their buddies. It's been a year and a half since we last visited this site, so it's time to head back and see what's new.

The guys on the site are real college-aged guys ranging from 18 to 24 with slender to athletic or muscular bodies, and plenty of them sport big cocks. Some of the guys are gay, some bisexual, and some are straight guys with an "any hole will do" open-mindedness and attitude. The guys here are serious party hounds who like to drink, smoke, and party, and when they get drunk someone is bound to get fucked.

One of the hotter episodes finds Angelo drunk and passed out on the couch in his boxer shorts. While a couple of the frat house residents catch things on film, the others grab black markers and write "mangina" across his thigh, "cunt" across his forehead, "cum dump" on his torso with a big giant cock pointing up towards Angelo's mouth. Then they pull off his boxers, roll him over, and put him on his knees with his ass in the air; one by one, these frat brothers climb on board and start dicking his ass bareback. When Angelo finally wakes up, he's getting his ass drilled, but he's too drunk to do anything except moan and wail, and after 25 minutes of hard pounding, these college dudes cum all over their buddy's well-fucked asshole.

Most of the episodes go like this: A gang of college boys use one of their buddies for their drunken pleasure. Sometimes these sessions are just a couple of guys getting into a late-night party of their own, but most of the scenes are full-on gangbangs with five or six guys. And there's lots of variety in the action. Sometimes the guys in the dorm will stumble into the kitchen and find a couple of their roommates boning on the floor and they all join in; sometimes they're sitting back on the couch drinking beer and watching porn when a circle jerk breaks the ice, or sometimes a keg party in the kitchen turns dirty when one of the guys kneels and starts blowing his buddies. A pledge wants to show off the new tattoo on his ass, and you can guess where that gets him. But there is quite a bit of forced sex where an obnoxious dorm mate needs an attitude adjustment and gets jumped by the rest of the house, or like the earlier scene I described, a drunken guy gets his mouth and ass used. Most of the action is bareback fucking, but there's plenty of cock sucking, too, and even a bit of piss play from time to time.

Fraternity X offers 188 exclusive videos in streaming MP4 format that plays at four speeds. The videos display at 890x500 in all four versions, but the picture quality increases to better and more crisp as we move from low to HD, which is actually quite good but still maintains the amateur feel. There's no DRM used and no downloadable videos offered. The sound is good so that you can hear the guys taunting and teasing their bottoms with their insults and dirty talk. There's also full-screen mode, which I found okay, but these aren't studio-quality videos to begin with, so the full-screen versions suffer from some fuzziness. But really, I was happy just streaming the vids at the regular size. The lower-quality videos should play on your mobile devices.

There are no picture galleries, but most of the episodes give you eight large-sized thumbnails that help preview the action.

I didn't have many real issues, but there is a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for a second site membership if left ticked. That being said, the site is pretty much what it claims to be. While I do wish updates were more frequent, it does still update, so it is continuing to grow, and yes, I wish the videos were downloadable, but you can't have everything. One last thought is that the site debuted about seven years ago, so I expect that some of those college guys have graduated, replaced by new dorm mates.

Fraternity X is actually one of my favorite sites. Lots of the other frat house sites deliver rowdy and drunken horseplay but fail to deliver much in the way of sex. Fraternity X goes all the way with horny gangbang action, lots of dick sucking, circle jerking, forced sex, and hard ass pounding. I'd be happy if the site updated weekly instead of bi-monthly, but their monthly membership fee is appropriate for the amount of content you're getting. I really like the amateur feel of this site with guys filming with hand-held cameras while their buddies get into some raunchy action. Fraternity X delivers a realistic look inside a frat house packed with gay, bi, and straight college guys, and this site sure makes me wish I had lived in a dorm like this back in my college days.

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