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FratPad used to be a live cam house, and it was the best one I've every visited. The guys were jocks and hunks with great bodies, well-built and defined, and some were very nicely muscular, and every guy I ever saw there had a great butt. Some had impressive, powerful legs while others had runner's builds, and most were very good looking - the kind of men you might see in fitness magazines or doing mainstream modeling. Most were from 19 to around 25, some were straight but obviously open-minded, and all the guys were also friendly and upbeat.

At the moment the scheduled live shows are gone, as are the voyeur cams around the house, but there are still videos of recorded live shows. In them you can watch as the guys work out (sometimes naked) on cam, jack off, shower, fix their lunches (often shirtless or naked), and put on scheduled live shows. Sometimes a couple of the guys will do a session together that will include anything from naked Twister to showering together; sometimes one of the performers will finger the other's asshole or stroke his cock, and there are duos or threesomes where the guys show off and jerk off together. All the videos are nice and long and feature unscripted naked fun originally done for the members to watch live.

FratPad offers 127 exclusive videos in MP4 format and sized at either 544x308 or 546x410; most vids are good amateur quality, although the taller ones are a bit lower in quality as they are the older vids. Since the videos are on the small side, I was happy they could be enlarged to full screen, but while the newer vids lost just a little quality, the older lost a very noticeable sharpness and clarity, although they were still watchable. These videos are all recorded live shows and range from over two and a half hours to over four hours. I was disappointed that downloads are no longer included with membership, though -- members must pay separately to download each video.

Let's talk about some of the changes in the site, and these changes aren't positive. The last time I visited this site, there were over 1,700 videos organized by performer. That means the site now has over 1,500 less videos than it did a year and a half ago, but it seems - and we have to guess with this - that the missing videos have been added to a site called FratmenTV, where there are literally too many videos to count on an extremely long single page that loads a few thumbs at a time. You can get access to these videos only if you choose the more expensive Fratmen ALLaccess membership. Also all the full-sized photos were removed; now each video has a collage of 18 small thumbs to preview the video but the actual galleries are gone.

And that leaves the big change, which is that the guys who were living in the FratPad are gone, which means that the big attraction for this site is gone. The site announced on September 26, 2015 that "There will be No Scheduled Live Shows at the Fratpad for the Time Being; Guys Still Available to do Pad Privates." The members homepage no longer even has a spot for the live schedule or the voyeur cams - just links to the videos. And don't get too excited if you notice the LIVE CAMS! link on the top left of the page as this leads to a third-party live cam site that is not unique to Fratmen. They do have free chat, but full nudity and action cost extra.

I read some of the replies to a couple recent blog posts, and it seems the guys were leaving one at a time, so it's probably no surprise that eventually there was no one left. No reasons are given, nor would i expect there to be, but seems like there may have been some problems in paradise that left the site a shadow of its former self.

Members get two options when joining: they can either join FratPad itself with no bonus sites or they can pay more and join the entire Fratmen network. That network offers 583 professionally shot videos of the Fratmen guys in two sites: Fratmen itself - the site that started it all - and Fratmen Sucks, a site where some of the Fratmen give each other blowjobs. There are also a handful of recorded live shows inside Fratmen PPV. Last, there are over a thousand recorded live shows inside Fratmen Live, and as mentioned, I believe these are the shows that were removed from this site. If you don't mind the higher price - the first month is $20 more than the FratPad only price - the ALLaccess pass offers a lot more content.

FratPad features athletic and very hot jocks hanging out, showering, jerking off together or with a buddy and more in 127 exclusive videos. These are recorded live shows shot when there were guys living in the pad, and the videos are streaming MP4s that mostly run between two and four hours per vid. The site no longer updates and the guys have moved out of the pad, but there are still more than 350 hours of the guys having fun together playing games, working out, flexing to show off their physiques and getting off. And while I miss the live guys and the large video collection the site used to offer, the FratPad videos are still fun to watch, and if you don't mind spending extra on the Fratmen ALLaccess pass, you can get access to all the Fratmen content.

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