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Frat Hazing puts the focus on that age-old college tradition of hazing. The guys are either pledges or frat brothers who are humiliated in a variety of ways from having their mouths washed out with soap to sitting on the couch hooded but with no pants for other frat brothers to see. They're verbally humiliated, but the worst is yet to come - the paddling. As if being punished and embarrassed isn't enough, some of these straight college boys bare their asses to receive a painful paddling that turns those butt cheeks pink and then red.

The guys here are definitely college types from the jock to the nerd. They're the right age - 18 to 23 or so - and they have that all-American collegiate look. Each video has a story behind it. For example, Jason is a Sigma Phi Tau who didn't pay his fraternity dues, and ends up bent over the couch with a hood over his head, his bare ass taking a paddling as he thanks his frat brother for each whack. There are drunken frat boys and also good old-fashioned hazing videos featuring a pledge master hazing a pledge. As far as I can tell, each video has 2 guys in it.

The Frat Hazing videos are offered in 2 sections. The first section is called DVDs on Demand, and there are 6 DVD here, each with 2 or 3 scenes. They're offered in streaming Flash, and are shown at 512x384 at average quality. The second section is called Videos, and these vids are downloadable full scenes offered in QuickTime format. I downloaded some, including the newest and the oldest. One was shown at 320x240 with a bitrate of 275k, and was average quality - it looked okay unless you tried to go full screen. The other was shown at 640x480, and was amateur quality. The videos have good sound and are DRM-free.

The pic sets are shown via a Flash gallery, with a strip of thumbs across the top of the page that scroll as you mouse over them and a larger pic below. Click any thumb to see it enlarged, sizes varying but they're generally small. At least one of the pic sets seemed to be a set of screencaps shown at 512x390, the other sets are good amateur quality digital stills with a screen size of 630x420 or 272x414. The pics are not offered in downloadable zip files nor can they be saved individually.

Frat Hazing includes a couple bonuses. First off are 4 hazing stories, strangely not text but on graphics. They're easy to read though. But better news is that members get full access to Frat Hazing's sister site, Tropixxx VIP, which features exclusive content of college aged guys getting spankings, and definitely adds value for members.

The main issue here is that the site doesn't update. There are no dates shown, so I confirmed this with the site's owner. I'd also like to see all the videos shown at at least 640x480, and I'd love to see long scene descriptions, although this isn't really an issue.

Frat Hazing has some very collegiate guys getting paddled and hazed - I had no problem believing they were frat boys. The action is mostly paddle-oriented, but there's also the humiliation that comes with a hazing; there's also beer, bare red asses and a little gay sex. Eleven of the 23 videos are downloadable, but some weren't great quality and others were good quality but small. The other 12 videos are not downloadable, but I liked them. The site offers members a few stories, pic sets plus a spanking bonus site. While the site does not add new content, the bonus site does, and while the site is small, I did enjoy watching the college boys get paddled, humiliated and punished at Frat Hazing.

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