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Unfortunately it's not been possible to get access to update this review, which means this information might be a bit out of date.

FratMen ALLaccess gives you access to everything in the Fratmen world with some of the sexiest college-aged jocks you'll see anywhere. We're talking about handsome and athletic, well-built mostly straight guys who could easily be fitness models or appear in mainstream fashion magazines. Picture rippling abs, muscled (but not overly so) arms, legs, and shoulders, not to mention some very nice butts. And these guys have great attitudes - some are playful, some are just plain sexy and none of them are shy on camera.

It all started with FratMen, a solo jack-off site with beautiful, well-built jocks stripping, showing off, and stroking their cocks, and often they spend time in the shower, too. This site offers 470 streaming videos that play at 544x308 to 546x410. The videos are good quality streaming MP4s that can also be watched on most mobiles and there's a full-screen option for those of you on laptops or desktops.

And before I continue with the other sites, I'd like to cover a couple of major changes in this network. When we reviewed Fratmen ALLaccess back in June 2014 they were still offering downloadable videos and picture galleries. However, downloads are no longer included in the membership; now downloadable videos will cost you anywhere from $2.95 to $5.95 each. As well, there are no longer any picture galleries. On each video's page there are 18 thumbnails from the episode showing key points of the action, but these can't be enlarged or saved.

The second site in the network is FratMen Sucks, which focuses on the athletic and gorgeous jocks stroking together and giving each other blowjobs. Many of these guys debuted on the original FratMen site, and for a lot of them, this is their first time doing anything sexual with another guy. There's a lot of side-by-side jacking in bed or on the couch and the guys play in the shower too, sometimes the guys workout in the gym beforehand, and sometimes the sessions take place in a hot tub or outside by the pool This site offers 113 videos in the same sizes as the FratMen videos. Most of the action is duo, although there are a few threeways. I didn't see any fucking, but there's quite a lot of dry humping as well as handjobs and oral sex.

Frat Pad was a live-cam house where up to 12 of the FratMen lived with 24/7 live voyeur cams. Members could watch the guys working out in the gym, playing games, jerking off, hanging out with buddies on cam, showering, and more. There used to be 14 hours of daily scheduled live shows, however, a notice on the site dated September 26, 2015 advises that there are no shows scheduled at the moment and there doesn't appear to be anyone living in the house. When we last reviewed the site there were 1,700 archived live shows, but a site design with an endless scroll makes it impossible to count how many videos are in the current archive. I scrolled for five minutes and never came to the end, so I gave up.

There are also years of recorded live shows in the FratMen Live section and these play in the streaming Flash player at the same size as the others. The quality of these videos isn't the best with lots of pixelation, but they're still watchable. It's fun to see re-runs of your favorite Frat Pad jocks in action or watch the guys who used to live in the house do their stuff. The older vids from years ago are sometimes around 20 minutes, but many of the newer vids are often over an hour and sometimes run for up to a full two and a half hours.

Last are the live voyeur cams which you'll find when you click a blue square on the top navigation bar. As I said earlier, there are no shows at the moment and nothing is happening on the PAD cams. There is a notice in this section dated November 13, 2015 talking about a new site design and how they are adding more archived shows daily (I can't confirm that), but there's no information about whether the Frat Pad live cams will start up again, there's just a generic "stay tuned" message.

To be honest with you, it feels like the Fratmen network is on life support. Fratmen and Fratmen Sucks are not producing new videos, there haven't been live shows for a number of years, and now Frat Pad has pushed the pause button on their live shows either temporarily or permanently. Then there's the fact that they have done away with picture galleries and downloads included that used to be included your membership. Also the LOG IN link on the tour now gives an error; you can log in at http://flex.fratmen.com/_login/flex.asp

The guys at FratmenALLaccess are sexy jocks in their twenties with athletic and nicely muscled bodies, six-pack abs, and all-American good looks, and FratMen ALLaccess definitely has a lot of content on offer. The tour claims there are 20,000 videos, but I wasn't able to do a proper count, however even if that's a gross exaggeration, there's still a lot to see here - 583 professionally-shot streaming videos and way over 2,000 recorded live shows, so you'll get your money's worth. But without any new videos being added, I'd definitely suggest getting the monthly over the yearly membership so you can cancel when you're done.

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