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Unfortunately it's not been possible to get access to update this review, which means this information might be a bit out of date.

FratMen has been around for years and has built a reputation of having some of the most handsome and ripped jocks out there - real first-class, cream-of-the-crop guys. And in addition to offering some of the best and most artistic photography you'll find, FratMen has turned plain old jack-off videos into an art form. We last reviewed the site a little over a year ago and a lot has changed, so let's get to it.

The guys at FratMen are in their twenties; they're all-American jocks with ripped bodies and beautiful faces. Almost all of them could have careers as fitness or fashion models, although some of them are a bit too muscular and beefy for runway work. Most of the FratMen are cute or very good looking, but a few are average. All the guys take very good care of their bodies, so expect lots of athletic physiques with rolling shoulders, chiseled pecs, ripped abs and round bubble butts. Some of the guys are averagely hung, but quite a few are packing some pretty big dicks. Most have smooth bodies, but there are a few hairy guys, and most of the performers are white with a variety of blonds, brunettes and redheads.

FratMen started off as a jack-off site, but their approach is very sexy, sensual and erotic. These guys don't simply sit on a couch and stroke their dicks. This site really showcases the male body - the masturbation is almost incidental. The guys do seductive strips out of their clothes and spend a lot of time rubbing their bodies or flexing their muscles. One of my favorite parts is the mattress fucking that happens in almost every video, it's such a turn-on watching these studs grinding into the mattress or pillow - it gives us a nice view of their taut bodies and firm butts. The guys do play with their cocks throughout, but take lots of breaks to tease us with rubbing, rolling around the bed, dry humping or hitting the showers before shooting their lively loads all over their six-pack abs.

FratMen has 470 videos in the member area, and they're full scenes offered in MP4 format that can be streamed at around 544x308 to 546x410, but there may be other sizes; downloads are no longer offered. There is a full-screen mode with varying results depending on the age of the video with newest releases faring better. Otherwise, the quality is fairly good in the smallish player, and the scenes are filmed in luxurious condos or hotel suites with large beds and full, walk-in showers. They have a dreamy look to them with the producer using mostly natural light instead of stark studio lights. And there is both indoor and outdoor filming, although most of the action takes places indoors, but often we can watch an initial sequence with a guy throwing some hoops, swimming or working out in the sun before he heads inside to jack his cock.

We reviewed FratMen in August 2014, and at the time the site hadn't added new content for three months. I'm afraid the news doesn't get any better; in fact, it's much worse. Not only have there been no updates, but there are 20 fewer videos than there were a year ago and FratMen no longer includes downloads with your membership. If you want to download a particular scene it'll cost you about $4.95 per video - some of the archived live shows only cost $2.95, but other longer ones are $5.95.

Each episode used to have a gallery of a couple dozen exclusive, good quality pictures that could be enlarged in a viewer, but the site has completely removed them, which doesn't make a lot of sense. Now each episode has 18 tiny thumbnails on the video page to preview the action, and these thumbs can't be enlarged whatsoever.

There are two membership options - one only gives you access to a another FratMen site called Frat Pad, but while you get access to all that site's archived live shows, there currently aren't any scheduled live shows. As far as we can tell, that join option doesn't actually give you access to FratMen. The FratMen membership gives access FratMen itself as well as to FratMen Sucks, which features 113 videos of many of your favorite FratMen in duos featuring blowjob action as well as FratMen Live, which includes several hundred recorded cam shows that are often as long as an hour, but the quality isn't as crisp and clear as the studio videos. The FratMen full membership also includes the Frat Pad videos, which seem to be full shows close to four hours long, and to Frat Pad PPV, which offers pared down sessions of around an hour.

The guys on FratMen are about as hot as they come - good-looking jocks and athletes with beautiful bodies and stiff cocks. The 470 jack-off videos pull out all the stops giving you much more than a guy beating off until he cums; like I said, the mattress humping and showers are pretty standard with most sessions and they're very hot to watch. Where FratMen loses me is in their push to get you to spend more money on their other products - even basic downloads, which are standard fare on most sites. The lack of updates is the final disappointment. If you've been a FratMen member after 2013 there's not likely much new here, but if you've never been a member, FratMen has heaps of hot guys and sexy stuff to watch if you don't mind streaming-only videos.

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