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Frankie Quinn is a 23-year-old who calls Manchester, England home. He recently got started in gay porn, and he's filmed eight times so far; three scenes each for Badpuppy and Blake Mason and two for UK Hot Jocks. But the big news is that this hung newcomer has filmed his own videos and posted them to his JustForFans feed. And if you enjoy watching a lean, tattooed stud gulping big dicks - and sitting on them, too - you'll want to join me for a tour of his JustForFans site.

First, let's clear up something. His name is Frankie Quinn, but his JustForFans feed is under the name Frankie Batman and he posts as "Frankie Quinn @FrankieBatman," however Frankie Quinn appears on the site's tab in my browser. Likewise, his Twitter feed is called Frankie Batman, but his Twitter handle is his "Frankie Quinn @FrankieBatman." I'm not sure what's up with the two names, but I'm going to refer to him as Frankie Quinn since that's the name under which he also performs professionally.

Quinn is good looking and sports a lean, ripped body with a nice set of abs. He's usually smooth, but his legs are very furry. He's generally bearded or at the very least sporting a couple of day's worth of face scruff. Sometimes he has a patch of hair on the middle of his chest, but I still wouldn't call it a hairy chest. I do love his dark, hairy armpits. His arms are completely sleeved in tattoos from shoulder to wrist, and he's got some ink on his neck and rear shoulder. He's packing a good-sized uncut cock, too - I'm not sure how big exactly because one site says it's seven inches while the other claims it's eight and a half inches. Either way, it's worth sucking and it's uncut. And if you like green-eyed men, you'll love Frankie's eyes.

Frankie Quinn launched his JustForFans feed on February 22, 2018, and by the end of April when I'm reviewing his site, he's already made 147 posts with over a hundred videos. So his feed is quite active and he's adding stuff almost every day, but I should explain a couple of things. He tends to take a full session with a guy and split it into shorter clips. For instance, on April 28 he posted a seven-minute video with Osiris Blade where Frankie rides Blade's huge cock, later on the same day he posted an 11-minute video of his session with Osiris with lots of kissing and sucking. On the previous day there was a short close-up filmed underneath and another clip with some POV sucking. Unfortunately, I didn't see the full session available as one video.

However in other cases Quinn has posted complete videos like the 19-minute session where he got fucked by fellow porn performer Jonas Jackson, and another day there was a 12-minute video of an anonymous daddy fucking Quinn's ass.

Frankie seems to be a pretty committed bottom; I saw him getting fucked in many of his videos but didn't see any where he was topping. I saw him in sessions with Osiris Blade, Mickey Taylor, Xavier Sibley, and Ray Diesel, all of whom are well-known performers. He's a skilled cocksucker, so make sure you check out his oral scenes. He also does videos with unknown guys and hookups, so there's a good variety. And finally, I've noticed a handful of videos with Frankie Quinn playing with fans, so if you hit him up maybe you can show off in your own video.

There are 107 videos on the site in streaming MP4 format. The size varies on the production and your device. I have a 26-inch monitor so the largest videos play at 1230x694, however, some of them are filmed with cell phones in portrait orientation, so they're quite a bit narrower. These are amateur productions and not the studio videos we're used to see, but still the picture quality is good. The videos are often filmed with a stationary camera, so there's not a variety of angles unless the guys move around on the bed. But some of the videos are filmed with cell phones and give us close-up cock-in-hole action; still others are filmed POV (point of view) so we get to watch Frankie swallowing big cocks.

There are also 71 pictures on the site, and these are a mix of selfies, screencaps from his videos, and digital stills from some of his porn studio productions. They're usually good quality and quite large and fill my monitor nicely. But the pics can't be right-click saved, so you'll have to enjoy them on the site.

Now let's talk about JustForFans, the platform this feed is on. It's more or less of a mix between Twitter and a membership site. The porn stars and amateurs who host their fan sites do their own updating, dictate their own prices (Frankie Quinn's is only $6.99 per month), and write their own posts. When you join a guy's JustForFans site, you follow him, and you can also add his posts to your Twitter account. Like most social media sites, you can like a post or comment on it, and unlike Twitter, here you can also tip the star you're following.

There is a store on the site, and this is where you'll find any videos that are available for sale. Unfortunately there's only one so far; it's called "Sucking Fan Cock" and it's 1:42 long and it's a POV blowjob filmed in portrait orientation. It plays at 540x960 that'll cost you $2.00. Hopefully Quinn has plans to get other videos loaded into his store. In the meantime, there's also a selection of his underwear and jockstraps for sale.

Are there any drawbacks or problems here? Nothing major. The updates appear to be out of date order, but this isn't really the case. The feed owner has the ability to pin posts to the top of the feed, and in Frankie's case four older posts have been pinned and given priority, then they fall into date order after that.  I wish that Frankie Quinn would post the full versions of all his videos along with the clips, there are a couple I'd love to sit back and watch while beating off. Like most of the guys on JustForFans, there's not much info about the feed's star. I also wish that Quinn would get his store loaded with more videos. Finally, many of the guys running JustForFans feeds have a texting feature available where you can talk to them or download videos and pictures for a fee, but Quinn doesn't has this yet.

Frankie Quinn is a lot of fun to watch. This sexy Brit is not only good-looking, but he's a superb bottom and knows how to make a man's cock feel good with his mouth and ass. He's got a big, uncut dick himself that he also jacks off in several videos on his feed. He keeps the videos and pics rolling out on his feed so you'll have lot to keep you entertained, and Quinn's feed is among the least expensive that I've reviewed. Frankie is a sexy guy and you'll want to check him out.

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